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Because some of content sources posted by cloud☁mania are subject of personal engagements or copyrighting issues, I invite you to discuss Out-of-Cloud any subject you are interested related to blog post or any other topics related to the Cloud Computing technologies. I’m open for any discussion.



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Deoarece unele dintre sursele folosite pentru conţinutul postărilor cloud☁mania sunt subiectul unor angajamente personale sau sunt supuse reglementărilor de copyright, vă invit să discutăm orice subiect de interes “în afara Cloud-ului”, fie că e vorba de postările de pe blog, fie despre orice altceva are legătură cu Cloudul. Sunt deschis pentru orice subiect de discuţie.

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GDPR Analysis Services

GDPR is generating a new market boom for professional services and IT solutions able to help companies in their efforts to achieve GDPR compliance. GDPR is at the same time a business transformation process. How ready are the companies to solve critical business issues by adopting GDPR processes?

We are ready to cover these topics with a high – level knowledge transfer based on main activities proposed and realized in the last 2 years, founding GDPR Ready! Initiative, the first private knowledge transfer process dedicated to GDPR impact for business.

We are offering also GDPR Market Research studies for private companies, organizations or authorities interested in professional research reports related to GDPR acceptation, local data operators and processors readiness, or the main issues perceived in GDPR adoption process.

GDPR Advisory Services

Based on a deep experience in multicultural business processes we are able to offer professional assistance to local players interested in GDPR compliance.

Advisory services include Free discussion sessions “Let’s talk about GDPR” for a better new EU Regulation understanding, Professional Workshops dedicated to specific GDPR aspects for various industries or internal departments, or pre-Audit Sessions dedicated to better understanding of  GDPR needs for various business processes.

Building a long-running GDPR compliance company is not a very easy process. GDPR is not for the day of 25th of May, or for the next year period. GDPR compliance should be a business life-cycle trust warranty. We can help organizations in the efforts to build a Company GDPR Culture designing a middle-long term strategy based on efficient data protection policies, systematic training and periodical development analysis.

GDPR Business Development Services

GDPR is not a simple IT project and not a typical legal audit. GDPR is a very complex and dynamic cumulative process involving a large level of resources and professional investment. GDPR is a long life-cycle business continuity process, involving a large participation from each department or business line. Obtaining the GDPR conformity a company can demonstrate TRUST to all business ecosystem: clients, partners, suppliers, employees.

We can help you to use your GDPR Ready compliance status as a COMPETITIVE advantage and  TRUST banner to increase your customer satisfaction level and enlarge your business perspective. Being par on a very dynamic industry like IT sector, we are able to offer you professional advises and recommendations for the most performing  GDPR Ready solutions, tools or associated services.

GDPR Consultancy

GDPR implementation process could be difficult in the moment nobody knows what everybody has to do.  Many components are involved in a GDPR process and few peoples could have in this moment professional capabilities to cover all the specific areas like HR and accountant problems, legal frame and international laws knowledge, business process operations and operational issues, marketing and sales needs, and technical expertise in automated data protection and privacy solutions.

We can offer customized GDPR Consultancy Services helping you to better identify your GDPR needs, data flow mapping, GAP analysis, establishing new data protection policies, running Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) tools, or helping you in better business associated risk management and Data Protection by Design and by Default implementation. GDPR services could be provided during a complex and integrated project, or on individual premises function to particular needs for a business line or a subsidiary/ department.

GDPR Training

Personal development and professional progress are keys to performance. Elementary knowledge of GDPR rules and principles is a must for any organization involved in personal data processing. GDPR training is an essential step in GDPR compliance adoption, being part of all important business evolution steps, from awareness increasing inside organization lines of business to fundamental activity in GDPR Company Culture.

We are offering professional GDPR Training services for any size organization based on an international accredited curriculum and best practices methodologies. Our training sessions are organised in any company location offering basic business quality conditions, between 5 and 20 participants. All training sessions could be customized function of audience interests and contain fundamental GDPR theory and business specific special cases. All participants will receive a Training participation diploma and a training support package.

Are you interested to know more about GDPR Ready! SERVICES?

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First IoT Catalog in Romania

AGORA Group and cloud☁mania started the new 2016 year with The 4th edition of Cloud Computing Catalog dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This is practically the first Romanian IoT dedicated publishing project released in print and online media.

CCC4 CoverAccording IDC, year-to-year growing of IoT market in CEMA region is expected to expand with 22% in 2015, reaching $14 billion in total value. More than 60% from this forecast value is estimated for CE Europe. The IoT Cloud Computing Catalog is offering most relevant information about the opportunity to choose, selecting criteria, and information about the technologies and services related to Internet of Things, with horizontal development perspectives and vertical applicability in healthcare, financial & insurance, automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, smart cities, smart homes, retail, and smart grid infrastructure.

General development of IoT regional market is driven by industrial expenses growing in automated public transit, connected vehicles, digital signage, asset management smart grid, and smart appliances coming from some key vertical industries like manufacturing, transportation, utilities, healthcare, retail and consumer.

Considering the valuable solutions and services diversity available on the Romanian market, the IoT Catalog is containing a large variety of IoT solutions and cloud services offered by international or local providers.

In alphabetical order we have descriptions and offering solutions from: BITSoftware – Socrate Cloud Distribution Solution, Fujitsu – MetaArc digital future modelling, IBM – solutions portfolio for IoT implementation in business, Microsoft Romania – dedicated IoT solutions with particular examples from Energy, Smart Public Services, Retail, and Manufacturing, Qualitance – Modern software development, SIVECO Romania – Cloud Services diversity and Waste Management Cloud solution , StarStorage – Star Vault Cloud Server, Telekom Romania – Smart City and M2M solutions, Ymens – whole SaaS portfolio,  and Zitec – complete Cloud services offer.

The IoT dedicated Cloud Computing Catalog is offering also a comprehensive guide with valuable information about:

  • Internet of Things historyCCC IoT p1
  • Market figures
  • Technology and Market Trends
  • Short IoT Dictionay
  • IoT Benefits
  • Real problems solved by IoT
  • EU IoT Reglations
  • IoT Providers Analyse
  • IoE and M2M Concepts and Benefits
  • Basics in IoT Systems Implementation
  • General Architecture of IoT Platforms
  • All abut Sensors
  • WiFi Technologies compatible with IoT
  • SCADA vs IoT
  • Fog Computing Concepts
  • Analytic Power of Fog Computing Solutions
  • Main Applicability Areas for IoT Systems
  • M2M Systems and Smart Cities
  • IoT in Healthcare
  • IoT in Automotive
  • Sherlock IoT Project
  • Data Flow in a IoT System
  • Top IoT Cities (after IoT Analytics)
  • Top 10 Books about IoT (after iotcentral.io)

Considering huge opportunities related to IoT/ IoE/ M2M industries and dynamic market development we intend to dedicate special Catalogs to most interesting verticals like: Smart Cities, Digital Manufacturing, Digital HealthCare, and more. This year Two other Catalogs are in work process.

We are open for any proposal coming from IoT providers or business partners. Just contact us @ Let’s Talk about Cloud.



Experis LogoExperis IT is hiring:

Citrix Engineer / Specialist

Located in Bydgoszcz – POLAND

Job Description

  • Act as support analyst for Citrix related issues
  • Support VDI solutions for Atos customers
  • Help in development of new and current products
  • Can do major changes by existing clients, roles are advice and execution

For all detail about this Job position please go to: reqcloud.com

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SIVECO mizează pe tehnologia cloud

Am tot vorbit de Cloud, am teoretizat şi am comentat avantajele şi dezavantajele migrării pe Cloud sau a dezvoltării de platforme Cloud. Se impune să venim şi cu nişte exemple. Primele feed-backuri primite în urma campaniei Let’s Talk About Cloud lansată pe LinkedIn relevă că, în pofida faptului că mulţi sunt încă reticenţi, există deja implementări de succes în România, despre care se cunoaşte destul de puţin. Noua categorie de postări „Made-in-Romania”are exact această menire. De a prezenta cât mai multe dintre aceste exemple de succes.

SIVECO Romania a crezut în Cloud şi în beneficiile pe care această platformă le poate aduce utilizatorilor.  Pentru SIVECO, avantajele oferite de cloud sunt importante pentru fiecare client: rapiditate, flexibilitate, accesibilitate şi costuri reduse.

Puţini ştiu că SIVECO este unul dintre pionierii adoptării cloudului în România şi iniţiatorul unuia dintre cele mai ample proiecte de cloud public la nivel naţional.

ADLIC SIVECO 2ADLIC este o aplicaţie dedicată admiterii în licee (http://admitere.edu.ro) pe care mulţi dintre noi au accesat-o în momentul în care fiul, fiica, nepotul, nepoţica sau pur şi simplu odrasla vecinilor şi-a început experienţa de licean. Practica a demonstrat utilitatea acestui portal, care a fost îmbunătăţit în timp. Peste 200.000 de elevi completează fişele cu opţiunile pentru liceu în fiecare an, iar în ziua în care se afişează rezultatele înscrierilor traficul depăşeşte 24 de milioane de afişări. Pentru ca totul să funcţioneze corect în asemenea condiţii de trafic, încă din anul 2011 s-a optat pentru migrarea soluţiei de publicare a informaţiilor de pe portalul ADLIC pe platforma de cloud computing Microsoft Windows Azure, care oferă disponibilitate permanentă, capacitate de calcul practic infinită, redundanţă şi funcţii complexe de securitate a informaţiilor. Folosind avantajele tehnologice oferite de platform cloud, sistemul informatic pentru înscrierea şi repartizarea computerizată a candidaţilor la examenele naţionale şi-a demonstrat performanţa, gestionând într-un mod eficient, în condiţii de perfectă securitate şi transparenţă, miliarde de opţiuni exprimate de circa 2,5 milioane candidaţi.

Dar ADLIC nu este singura soluţie cloud oferită de SIVECO. eTraining este un portal de instruire online oferit sub formă de servicii cloud. Pe lângă beneficiile legate de accesul la informaţii, principalul avantaj al serviciilor cloud este flexibilitatea costurilor, deoarece  clientul plăteşte în fiecare lună cursurile multimedia interactive în funcţie de specificul industriei sau de categoria de servicii pe care le-a accesat, fără să existe o sumă minimă sau un abonament.

Un alt proict deosebit de ambiţios demarat de SIVECO se referă la migrarea pe cloud a sistemului ERP Siveco Application 2020. Luând în considerare rigorile tehnologice şi funcţionale ale aplicaţiilor enterprise şi tendinţele de evoluţie din următorii ani, SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud  reuneşte o vastă gamă de aplicaţii cu impact major în eficienţa economică a unei organizaţii: financiar-contabilitate, achiziţii, contracte, producţie, stocuri, vânzări, proiecte, salarizare, transporturi, managementul deşeurilor etc. Soluţia se remarcă prin versatilitatea deosebită în combinarea modulelor de aplicaţii şi mai ales prin capacitatea de parametrizare şi personalizare ce permite realizarea unei simbioze optime cu modelul şi practica de afaceri ale fiecărui client. Activitatea fiecărei companii este integrată într-o bază de date unică, accesibilă de pe diferite medii de lucru.

Dar principalul avantaj al sistemului integrat SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud este flexibilitatea. Utilizatorii dispun de o bază de date judicios structurată, generată prin colectarea sistematică a informaţiilor în procesul de business. Prelucrarea acestora se face în conformitate cu fluxurile de lucru ce conferă activităţilor de zi cu zi rigoare, eficienţă şi siguranţă. Sistemul asigură trasabilitatea documentelor primite şi/ sau emise, oriunde şi oricând. SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud se implementează rapid, iar modificările impuse de eventuale schimbări ale legislaţiei sunt realizate în cel mai scurt timp de la apariţia acestora. Ca o consecinţă imediată a utilizării unei infrastructuri cloud, costurile de mentenanţă hardware şi software sunt mult reduse, iar securitatea informaţiilor este în concordanţă cu tehnologiile şi standardele internaţionale.


SIVECO Romania

Microsoft Case Studies


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$16.7B – Is the estimated cloud computing marketplace in 2013, including software-as-a-service (SaaS) category, according to Market Monitor report of 451 Research company.

Cloud Figure April25



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16,7 Miliarde US$ – Este valoarea estimată a pieţei de cloud computing în 2013, inclusiv vânzările software-as-a-service (SaaS), conform rezultatelor studiului Market Monitor derulat de compania 451 Research.

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