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71%of cloud developers have at least six years of programming experience , and some 11% have been writing code for over 20 years, shows a Forrester’s survey dedicated to cloud computing average experience.cloud developers





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71%dintre dezvoltatorii pe platformă cloud au cel puțin 6 ani de experiență în programare, iar 11% scriu coduri de mai bine de 20 de ani, se arată într-un studiu Forrester care și-a propus să aprecieze nivelul general de experiență al dezvoltatorilor de soluții cloud.

Source: Forrsights Developer Survey, Q1 2013, Forester, February 2013 

Photo Source: Cloud Developers Digest


  1. Radu, This statement made by Forester gives you an idea how dumb most of these analysts are and how much you can rely on their numbers: Cloud Computing relies entirely on Web 2.0 which is not even 15 years old! How can some one have more than 20 years of experience in Cloud computing? In addition, in 1992/93 there were just a handful of websites, no browser, no broadband connections, etc. If someone had ISDN connection (2B+D, 64Kbs) he was a total exception), everything was Unix based command line Internet searching 99.9999% used for emailing. I was personally involved in the Internet development during the early nineties… Cheers, Col Rada

  2. Hi Col,
    Nice to meet you in the cloud!
    You have right about average research interpretation and miss-interpretation…
    In this case it was a small trick from my side extracting spectacular figure from the article context… If you read this: http://readwrite.com/2013/04/30/middle-aged-developers-driving-cloud-computing, you can see very experienced peoples appreciation was related to 20 years in IT area, not in the Cloud. For me was funny idea if you are looking to cloud technologies as last minute trend, you are expecting young & enthusiastic peoples to be the engine of the cloud, but reality is actual cloud developers was also pioneers in Web developing, grid computing and virtualization…

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