Today I found a hot article from the Citrix Blog as a continuous adventure in the mobile workspace journey guided by the third generation of Unified Platform for Desktop and Application Virtualization from Citrix.

Announced one month ago, the new Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 is now available for download and ready for drive – test, being expected as most advanced application and desktop virtualization solution delivered by Citrix.

Article is presenting the key highlights of version 7.6 that facilitate delivering of Windows as a service to any user on any device over any network or cloud:

Better experience for users:Citrix Hand

  • Easy access to applications
  • Better connectivity
  • Anonymous Logon
  • Improved multimedia
  • Easy choice of device
  • USB plug-n-play

But you will be more happy if you will read the original article and to see which factors are driving this better user experience, which are the security features, how could be better managed and, maybe more important who should upgrade to XenApp 7.6 and when?

Go and read original article: The New Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 is Available”, author Dan Cote, Citrix Blog, 30 September 2014.

Image Source: Citrix Blog

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