Yamaha 01Yamaha Motor presented in November 2nd, at Tokyo Motor Show the first autonomous motorcycle robot named Motobot, combining typical Yamaha YZF-R1M 200 CP motorcycle with specific robotics technology.



yamaha 03

Despite is looking like any professional racing Yamaha model, Motobot is designated to simulation of most safety conditions for a moto-rider. According Yamaha, Motobot could travel with more than 120 kilometers per hour on a racetrack, has a GPS sensor for location and route positioning, running an internal data analysis system that processes information from the robot and the motorcycle sensors. Processing that data, Motobot can control speed and engine, function of changing conditions of the road.

Motobot features is embedding six actuators that allow it to control the bike in a similar way how a human rider would. It’s required to autonomously control steering and throttling, the front and rear brakes, the clutch, and the gearshift pedal.

Yamaha 02In addition to its humanoid exterior design, Motobot runs on an internal data analysis system that processes information from sensors on the robot and the motorcycle.

It’s just a time matter until next Motobot’s version will be able to compete with well known racing legend, like Valentino Rossi, invited by Yamaha for first prototype promotions.

Info and Image Sources: Yamaha Global


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