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Like last year, cloud☁mania will honor the winners of EuroCloud Award Romania 2016 contest with dedicated articles. The first from this articles series is dedicated to the Cloud migration solution implemented by Zitec for a series of clients including international companies. 

Zitec’s Cloud migration service is designed to help companies either migrate an entire application to a public Cloud platform or extend an existing application to the Cloud using a hybrid approach. The service covers all phases of such projects: compatibility audit, effort estimation, planning, migration, cost optimizations, monitoring & alerting.


Lucian Daia, Head of Custom Solutions at Zitec

“In the last year our solutions targeted more industries than in previous years, so first of all we had to adjust the migration process to strictly regulated areas, such as finance,” said Lucian Daia, Head of Custom Solutions at Zitec. “From a technical perspective, due to increasing size of the migrated applications, we invested more time in performance tests and high availability attributes.  Automatic configuring – Config Management – of all Cloud resources was also a frequent topic in our projects, with positive results in customer management costs decreasing.”

The migration service is suitable for any company. The customer which benefit of Zitec’s Cloud migration services portfolio are successful start-ups or SMEs (such as Borealy, Zonia, LaFemme, etc), big companies (Studio Moderna, Preturi Pentru Tine, Flanco, eMag, Cargus, etc) and multinational corporations (CFR Calatori, ENGIE, Rompetrol KazMunayGas).

The complexity of the migration also covered a large array of server clusters: from several small machines to more than a hundred machines per application. Migrations covered open-source, as well as proprietary technologies, and span both major public cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Zitec is a Romanian software company specialized in online products and applications development. In the last years, Zitec conducted a series of Cloud migration projects that propelled the company as one of the most dynamics Romanian Cloud providers. A solid prove for this is Zitec performed in EuroCloud Award contest from 2015, where the company’s Cloud migration methodology was recognized in Best Cloud Transformation Methods” category.

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Romanian Winners of EuroCloud Award 2016

EuroCloud Europe Award Banner 

EuroCloud Romania announced the winners of EuroCloud Award Romania 2016. Being at fourth edition, the national competition of EuroCloud Award aims to identify and promote the best practices and reference solutions from Romanian Cloud computing industry.

EuroCloud Award 2016 LogoEuroCloud permanently promotes performance in Cloud industry and encourages the maintenance of a competitive climate at regional and continental level. EuroCloud Award Romania is a national competition part of EuroCloud Award Europe which every year is recognizing the most innovative Cloud services and projects in Europe, selected from the winners from each member country.

The Romanian winners are competing with all others European solutions awarded at national level. The EuroCloud Europe Award 2016 winners established by an independent jury of international experts will be announced in a best of the best special gala organised during annual congress. The big surprise in this year is the festive Gala will take place during EuroCloud Europe Forum which will to be held in Bucharest on 5 – 6 October 2016.


Elena Zvarici, President EuroCloud Romania


“This year again we’re glad to see the commitment to quality and openness to international of the Romanian Cloud solutions providers. The Cloud removes geographical barriers and open new markets for Romanian providers,” said Elena Zvarici, President EuroCloud Romania. ”Also, we are glad Romanian providers are participating in all five categories of European competition, which will announce the winners during the EuroCloud Award 2016 Gala on October 5, in Bucharest”.


And the winners of EuroCloud Award Romnia 2016 are:

  • In the „Best Cloud Service for horizontal markets” category, the national prize is won by GTS Telecom with „GTS Cloud Suite” solution;
  • In the „Best Cloud Service for vertical markets” category, the winner is Star Storage with „Star Capture Mobile” solution;
  • In the Best Cloud Services provided by Start-Up CSP’scategory, the prize is won by Great People Inside company for GR8PI” solution;
  • In the Best Business Impact provided by Cloud Services category, the winner is Ymens, for the project „ICIPRO – Cloud Infrastructure for Public Institutions”.
  • In the „Best Cloud Migration Service” category, the prize is won by ZITEC with Cloud migration project „Studio Moderna”.

This year for the first time the Romanian jury decided to recognize with a special distinction „Excellence Award for Cloud Culture Promotion in Romania” the company YMENS, for whole activities related to Cloud models promotion on the national market.

For more details visit EuroCloud Award Europe


Euro Cloud award-logoContinuing the marathon review of winners in the Romanian EuroCloud Award 2015 contest, it’s time now to know more about Zitec Cloud Migration services established by the Romanian jury as „Best Cloud Transformation Methods”. 

Zitec – one of the main Romanian online applications developer, has been appointed in 2015 edition of EuroCloud contest as the local supplier with the best Cloud migration methodology. Zitec is currently offers Cloud migration services to multinational companies, but also is addressing small & medium and start-up’s needs. The migration process is involving a large range of server configuration for each application. Migrations are covering both open-source and proprietary technologies in one or multiple Cloud platforms geographically distributed.


Alexandru Lapusan, CEO and Founding Partner at Zitec.

“Receiving recognition for the Best Cloud Transformation Methods is honoring Zitec and is a confirmation for many successful Cloud projects deployed as migration or new services development. We had delivered such projects for both open-source or proprietary products, having as clients small, medium companies, but corporate also. I want to thanks to whole Zitec migration team for their proved commitment, to our clients, to our partners, and to all involved in EuroCloud phenomena”, said Alexandru Lapusan, CEO and Founding Partner at Zitec.

Zitec Cloud Migration Service is coming with a package of professional benefits offered to the clients:

  • Based on proper handling of potential business impacts – The first step in every migration is a technical audit, in order to understand the architecture of all the applications running on the servers that need to be migrated. The audit report contains the service architecture of the system, and at least two migration scenarios: one tailored for lift-and-shift migrations, second as a migration process that involves code changes. The second step is to create a proof of concept migration, which usually means migrating all the application components. This step is required in order to test the cloud architecture in a controlled environment. The customer’s Quality Assurance / SysOps departments are involved to validate the migrated application.
  • Expertly and punctual execution of the consulting service – Having  quality assurance tests successfully completed, the service is fit to full capacity run, import production data and perform a stress test on the system. Customer being ready to switch to the cloud platform, a final data sync is performed and apps DNS entries are changed to point to the application hosted in the cloud. For large scale migration automation scripts are developed to help the team in charge of overseeing the system scale resources up and down, depending on the traffic patterns.
  • Proven methodologies and tools to ensure customers transformation and Zitec
    migration processes –
    Zitec is using various tools for migrating and adapting the customer application to the targeted cloud platform , like Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter, Microsoft Migration Accelerator (for real to virtual conversion), or  AzCopy, Amazon Web Service CLI, Microsoft Azure PowerShell (for copying). Also a set of stress test tools are used ( Apache JMeter,  Siege, Apache Bench), as well as tools for monitoring and logging ( Pingdom, Nagios, Amazon Cloud Watch, Azure Monitoring, SeaLion,  AppDynamics, NewRelic, or Zend Z-Ray. Centralized logging tools like Amazon Cloud Watch and Loggly are mandatory for cloud solutions, as all instances hosted in the cloud are considered volatile.
  • Customer compliance conformity – For generic cloud industry standards compliancy only EU and International certified platforms are used. Both platforms Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are complying with EU Model Clauses – the European standard for data protection and with the global ISO 27001 security standard. If the customers are from a highly-regulated industry, such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, or utilities, the services could be verified with specific authority for compliance, industry laws and regulations. Finally, the services should be compliant also with internal customer established standards.

Speaking about the most interesting Cloud projects delivered by Zitec on local market we can see Black – Friday event campaign generated by local retailer Flanco on the Microsoft Azure platform, a pilot program for one of top energy provider, the migration of business management systems for, and implementation of platform on the Amazon AWS infrastructure.

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