Winners of EuroCloud Award Cloud Solutions for Vertical Markets. Image Source: cloud☁mania 

Continuing the review of solutions offered by EuroCloud Award 2016 final participants let’s look to the Cloud solutions participating in the Cloud Vertical Market category.

Cloud Vertical Market Evolution

Europe Cloud market is becoming more mature from one year to other. Different research reports find average growing rate between 15% and 25% for the next 3-5 years period. Interest in vertical-market solutions is on the rise for many reasons. Technology has become the primary way of conducting business in many industries, and as digital communication and collaboration increases among business partners, companies need industry specific interfaces to move and process data more efficiently.

Image Source: cloud☁mania

Many European enterprises are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud, aiming to benefit from advantages of scalability and cost. However, the rate of cloud adoption is varied from one industry to other. Analysts identified some sectors with a more fast adoption of cloud services, like commerce, manufacturing, utilities or energy. In western EU countries, there are real growing in Cloud adoption for the financial industry and healthcare also.

European Cloud providers are trying to address all specific needs for each industry. The Cloud adoption is drive by organisations needs for cost-effectiveness, simplicity, flexibility, and scalability.

Let’s take a look at the Cloud vertical market winning solutions established by the international jury of the EroCloud Europe Awards 2016:

Here is the champions’ podium:

Best Cloud Service for Vertical Markets

⇒ Winners:

ComCloud: Cloud delivery Platform – COMBIS (Croatia)

Lega Cloud – Innova Bilisim Cozumleri (Turkey)

⇒ Finalists:

Ogust SelfService – Sykio (France)

StarCapture Mobile – Star Storage (Romania)

Winner: ComCloud – Cloud delivery Platform provided by COMBIS (Croatia)

COMBIS is a regional ICT company focused on the development of applications, communication, security and systems solutions, provisioning of ICT solutions development and integration services, as well as Infrastructure management and support services.

Image Source: Combis

ComCloud is an open, expandable, scalable and modular Cloud service delivery platform. ComCloud enables operators to avoid vendor lock and freely choose or replace underlying technologies depending on their preferences or needs. While developing his solution the provider has focused on enabling a full set of Cloud offerings from one solution – one Cloud. Each new service is added to the solution as a building block thus making the solution easily expandable and cost effective, by using Common Infrastructure (CI) block.

ComCloud, as a Cloud Delivery Platform, offers all needed integration interfaces and support for business processes while keeping the cost down. As an overall solution, it also includes standardised and optimised architecture for underlying infrastructure and provides scalability to support customer needs. Combis designed the solution to be modular and to be extendable like Lego blocks.

ComCloud is a comprehensive and modular Cloud solution which provides facilities for automated provisioning of Cloud services and infrastructure management via self-service portals. ComCloud is a complete Cloud solution, following NIST and ITU-T recommendations. ComCloud is a single platform for multiple Cloud services that allows service providers to build up their public Cloud products and services.


Winner: Lega Cloud – Innova Bilisim Cozumleri (Turkey)

Innova is a leading software developer and integrator in Turkey which provides innovative software solutions and services, covering the entire project lifecycle from consulting, design, application development and integration to support.

Image Source: Innova

Lega Cloud utilises cloud advantages for the legal sector. Developed as an extension of Innova’s track-proven portfolio of end-to-end collection and legal management solutions, Lega Cloud was specialised with law offices and SMBs in mind. Lawyers and legal personnel alike can easily manage its user-friendly UI and integrated workflows. LegaCloud represents an innovative approach to legal automation that relieves the heavy operational workload that comes along collection processes.

Lega Cloud runs on a new advanced hybrid architecture that synchronises cloud services with local corporate systems and their integration layer. In this new architecture, both law offices and small and medium-sized enterprises can operate their legal case files using a common application. This business model replaces both the simple client level applications used by law offices and the enterprise-level systems of their clients, therefore providing a single integrated platform.

One of the challenges tackled by Lega Cloud is integrating both attorney and client side processes and data while continuing to provide privacy and security of the data. Lega Cloud does this with the help of its unique common platform, integrating mutual customer processes in a single application, lowering the operational costs of both parties while remaining affordable.


Finalists: Ogust Self-Service – Sykio (France)

Image Source: Sykio

Thanks to his 10 years experience in this industry, French company Sykio has developed Ogust Self-service, the first e-commerce solution for home services companies. Founded in 2006, Sykio developed “Ogust Manager” and brought the Solution to market, as the first SaaS management solution dedicated to the home services sector.

Ogust Self-service is scalable and can fit small and large businesses. Thanks to his architecture and his technical environment (managed on AWS), Ogust follows the growth of the companies in an automatic way.

Ogust Self-service offers a large catalogue of API (to upload or download any data). It can be used in a standalone mode or plugged to the legacy management system of the company. The data are encrypted (SHA2) within the database.


Finalist: StarCapture Mobile from Star Storage (Romania)

StarCapture Mobile is a Cloud solution specially created for mobile devices, being an optimal solution for companies which need mobility. The solution is also a valuable tool for the sales force, which have the possibility to sign more contracts in a shorter period of time, regardless of customer location.

Catalin Paunescu, Founder and CEO StarStorage
Catalin Paunescu, Founder & CEO, Star Storage. Image Source: EuroCloud ROmania

StarCapture Mobile is running on Windows 8.1 and provides the possibility of custom sales processes, data correctly inserted from the first moment and streamlining the registration of new customers into systems (BI, ERP). The solution is perfectly aligned with current trends of digital transformation and mobility adopted by companies, developed to optimise operations and increase sales through more effective customers’ engagement.

“We are happy that we won this award for the second time. It is an honour for us and a recognition of our consolidation as a leader on the top providers of cloud services market in Romania. StarCapture Mobile is an innovative solution, in line with current trends and mobility of digital transformation of companies, developed to optimise operations and increase sales through more effective engagement with customers,” said Catalin Paunescu, Founder & CEO, Star Storage. “In the last period, we complete the portfolio of cloud services on all segments IaaS, SaaS and Passat, and added new features to the existing solutions”.

StarCapture Mobile
Image Source: Star Storage

StarCapture Mobile is a solution designed in the Cloud era, being optimised for delivery “as a Service”, both in Star Storage’s data centre from Romania and in Microsoft Azure for global coverage. This service can be used in a variety of industries such as insurance, finance, banking, telecommunication, utilities, etc. automatically collects with no errors all identification data for customers, directly from their ID’s, simple and hassle free, captured data patterns in contracts or in other forms (automatic synchronization with SharePoint for data processing), reducing enrollment errors, operational risks and increasing data processing speed.

Star Storage is a global technology provider developing and delivering state-of-the-art information protection and management solutions for top private and public organisations. With 16 years of experience, own Intellectual Property and a portfolio of over 500 customers on 4 continents, with strong expertise in top industries such as banking, insurance, telecom, manufacturing, utilities and public administration, the company plays a key role in the digital transformation, mobile and cloud journey of any size organization.

Part of the seventh annual EuroCloud Europe Forum from Bucharest, EuroCloud Award 2016 gala hosted on October 5th by Regina Maria Saloon in Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest, was the special moment of the announcement of best European Cloud services.

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