Here is a very instructive and comprehensive Accenture analyse for Gov’ interests in Cloud technologies across Europe.

Our day-to-day life is becoming more and more digitized. More than simple e-commerce interacting with banks, retail, theatre tickets, or airlines trips we are expecting now easiest interaction with our public services. But this is depending on our Governments.Accenture

In this major masterpiece research  Accenture examines the issues, implications, benefits and opportunities facing Europe’s governments as they grapple with integrating cloud computing across the full range of public services they provide.

The key part of analyse are related to:

  • IT challenges for EU Governments
  • Main advantages offered by cloud
  • Possible future for public sector
  • Cities as main engine for cloud communities’ development
  • How Gov. could overcome the barriers…

Read carefully Accenture’s study “A New Era for European Public Services: Cloud Computing Changes the Game” and show it to the guvernants…






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