A very inciting point of view about the future OS of so called concept Internet of Things (IoT) you can find in the article ”Android will power the Internet of things”, published in the Blogs section from InfoWorld.

internet-of-things-25645-620x354Here the author is explaining why Android could be considered ideal for the future of IoT, because as most of us will know it and experience it, will be a world of data connecting to, managed by, and created for Android” .

This perspective is very interesting, especially considering the large opinion Java is pushed as “the on-ramp to the Internet of things”.

You must read the original article to see the main arguments used by the author to consider Android as a winner in IoT race, and expect the reaction of Java community…

 Source: ”Android will power the Internet of things”, InfoWorld, February 2014.

Photo Source: IDG Connect

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