Here is cloud☁mania selection for July in “Cloud Book of the Month” category.

OpenStacjk EssentialsName of the eBook: “OpenStack Essentials”  – Demystify the Cloud by building your own private OpenStack cloud.

Edited by Dan Radez, Senior software engineer at Red Hat.

Short description:  The idea of this 182 page book is developed on different feedback received by Dan Radez during his worldwide presentations about OpenStack.

The book will be useful first of all for beginners, being written on information presented in a “101/ Getting Started” session presented by the author around the world.

The book is also a result of author’s working experience with TryStack, “a free service that offers networking, storage, and compute instances, without having to go all-in with your own hardware”.

Publisher eBook: PACKT Publishing, May 15, 2015

Image Sources: PACKT Publishing




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