Maybe ROSI didn’t tell you something special but I’m sure Romanian Software Industry will remember to many Romanian IT pioneers the beginning period of Romanian Software Association.

ROSIWhy is ROSI 2000 important in local software history? It was one of the first official international presentation of Romanian National Software Association (ANIS in his first name…). In the fabulous year 2000,  after all IT communities just passed the famous threat Y2K, IDG Romania strongly collaborated with local association ANIS and released the first international catalog of Romanian software industry in electronic format. ROSI 2000 CD-ROM was distributed in IDG International booth from Hanover CeBIT 2000. ROSI 2000 was present also in the Romanian National booth, shared by few of most important local software companies. ROSI 2000 was a real ambassador of local software industry, coming with a first comprehensive presentation of ANIS in a big international exhibition. In meantime ROSI CD-ROM was a first official manifest initiated by a professional software association, showing to the World Romanian reach tradition in mathematics and computing. It was one of the first time a professional software association is demonstrating Romania is a huge reservoir for the young and very skills software developers, and Romania has a real potential in software industry.

Thirteen years (only) after ROSI 2000, Romania can show the proofs: thousands of corporate employees of all big vendors are working in the services and software development centers, one of local antivirus became integral part from the security tools incorporated by Microsoft, another security solutions became international brand, being present in all computershop windows, and some local software houses creating history in local, regional, and international enterprise market with ERP, CRM, eSchool, or eHealth professional solutions.

I had the privilege to participate and to coordinate some important content parts related to ROSI 2000 project.

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