Last December CIO published “10 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2014”, a very interesting estimation about cloud computing market and technologies development in 2014, with a special focus on application development made by Mr Bernard Golden, senior director Cloud Computing Enterprise Solutions group at Dell. 2014 predictions

Considering the high acceleration development of cloud computing could become a rule, not an exception, 2014 will be in the author vision “an interesting and disruptive year for vendors, service providers and IT organizations”.

Cloud evolution is ready to become history. Beginning as a controversial and unproven concept five years ago, cloud computing has all the chances to become a “default IT platform in the near future” and today’s arguments against cloud are limited.

Interesting is author view about the real security concerning sources: “The alarm raised about cloud security was just air cover for IT personnel who didn’t want to change their established practices. Furthermore, the concern about security would disappear not because cloud providers suddenly “proved” they were secure enough but because recalcitrant IT personnel read the writing on the wall and realized they had to embrace cloud computing or face the prospect of a far larger change — unemployment”. And many peoples are thinking the same…

The main cloud computing trends in 2014 are viewed from double perspective: one from end-users side, and second from vendor/cloud provider. In respect for the author opinions, I will show in this post only the predictions titles, recommending to you to read the original article in

Here are top 5 (end-users) + 5 (vendors/ providers) predictions according Mr. Bernard Golden vision:

  1. More Businesses Will Become Software Companies
  2. Application Developers Will Become More Important
  3. Application Workload Placement Decisions Will Continue to Shift to End Users
  4. Private Cloud Will Have Its Moment of Truth
  5. Cloud Brokerage Will Come Into Focus
  6. AWS Will Continues Its Torrid Pace of Innovation
  7. Google, Microsoft Will Get Serious About the Cloud
  8. The Importance of Ecosystem Will Become Clear
  9. VMware Will Realizes vCHS Is Critical to Its Future
  10. A Pricing Bloodbath Is Coming to the Public Cloud

Concluding, Mr Golden is considering: “what has happened in the industry to this point has been the prologue for the main cloud computing story. Next year represents the beginning of the main story. In 2014, we’ll see cloud computing become the dominant platform for IT from now on.”

How clear these predictions are? What are the chances to become reality? We will be able to analyse this in December 2014 only…

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