If you need a global view and a comprehensive analyze of main benefits offered by desktop virtualization technologies, a good source could be Citrix XenDesktop with FlexCast technology solutions infographic “Top Used Cases for Desktop Virtualization”.

Citrix imageAs client virtualization software market started to become more and more mature, many vendors have started to expand their capabilities into physical desktop management, mobile enterprise application management, and SaaS application management.

Citrix is recognized as one of the most active player on virtualization software market, with historical MetaFrame product family early in 1995, integrated as XenApp & XenDesktop after Xen portfolio assimilation. The new Citrix FlexCast Management Architecture integrated with XenDesktop is offering a effective VDI solution to address a broad range of user needs and to deliver the right apps and desktops to the right user at the right time, reducing associated costs and extending the benefits of desktop virtualization to most users.

In the very comprehensive and intuitive Infographic you can see how a broad range of client platform, starting from remote workers, partners & clients, designers & engineers, call centers, or simple BYOD users could benefit of enhanced mobility, security and desktop management capabilities.

For more details you can see the full original infographic published by IDG, or go directly to Citrix Web pages.

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