A new valuable e-book was published by Autodesk in company’s efforts to educate and sustain users in cloud adoption. “Ready for a change” is coming after other very instructive e-books like “Take to the Cloud”, and “ Move them to the Cloud


Capture Cover eBookIn this new eBook, Autodesk is starting from the presumption cloud is already part of few tasks of customers workflow. The problem is how many peoples is working in the Cloud with the entire teams and for all projects. But migrating project workflow from desktop to the cloud could be a difficult and time consuming process, if the project management didn’t established very clear which are the main transition steps.

The eBook is offering the main tips to help customer in this migration process, starting from selection of right cloud service for business model, communication process about the assumed changes, comparing Cloud process with traditional ones, how to better use time reduction and cloud elasticity advantages, and how to better plan and administrate the budgets for new cloud services.

Download “Ready for a change” eBook and read “Five Tips to Get Your Team Up and Running in the Cloud” post article, and you will see how to connect, create and move your workflow from the desktop to the cloud and how to take advantage of a smart change management strategy turning to Autodesk 360…


 Image source: Autodesk, Ready for a change, eBook cover


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