Starting this year cloud☁mania will enlarge the current topics area presenting every month selections of most interesting cloud dedicated eBooks, Infographics, white papers, original articles, and  key studies. For January  our selection in Cloud Book of the Month category is “Cloud Security for Dummies” a book resulting as collaboration of four people team from Netskope based on interactions with a lot of forward-thinking CIOs, CISOs, and cloud architects.

Name of the Book: “Cloud Security for Dummies” Netskope Special Editioncloud security for dummies

Authors: Lebin Cheng, Ravi Ithal, Krishna Narayanaswamy, Steve Malmskog

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, 2015

Short description:

Considering cloud adoption trend in business and the most essential needs of any CIO or CTO, the book is providing a full range of advices from how to think about cloud compliance, to implementing a cloud security policy.

Book structure is based on five major sections telling about:

  • How to asset the current state of cloud security in any organization
  • How to found and evaluate Cloud Apps at enterprise level
  • How to put in practice a Cloud Security system
  • How to create a Cloud Security Policy

Valuable series of useful tips is ending with top 10 must to have to ensure properly usage of cloud apps.

More info and How to download:

Image source: blog.cloudsecurityalliance

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