Website Security for Dummies, Symantec.

Here is cloud☁mania’s February selection in Book of the Month category. Edited by Symantec “Website Security for Dummies” is reference books for all interested in better knowledge of Website Security issues.

Conceived in easy to understand “For Dummies” style, the Book is an elementary and essentially guide for how to keep under control online threats, being addressed to persons generally responsible for a business website, but without IT specializations, like Marketing Managers or SMB/ start-up companies CEO.

Name of the Book: “Website Security for Dummies” Symantec Website Security Solution Special Edition

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, 2015

Website Security for DummiesShort description: Website Security for Dummies structure is covering a wide range of specific topics, from business dimension of online security, to how to make a case to your boss, all about SSL certificates, and best practices elements in maintaining a secure and trusted Website

Between most answered questions related to Website Security are:

  • How does SSL work?
  • What makes EV SSL worth it?
  • Why use the Always on SSL approach?
  • What are the most common threats?

 More info and How to download 

Image source: Security World




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