Cloud Hosting Explained for Normal People

Here is cloud☁mania recommendation for April in Book of the Month category. Edited by Joanie Cooper Mann, with over 30 year experience in IT design, integration and consulting, actually principal consultant at Cooper Mann Consulting Group

Name of the Book: Cloud Hosting Explained for Normal People”

Publisher: Joanie Mann; 1.0 edition (January 3, 2014) – Kindle Edition

cloud hostingShort description:

Cloud computing is becoming a necessity. Any small business need to have remote access to core business applications and data. Many owners and investors are looking for the clear answer about how to “cloud-ify” the businesses flows.

But a non-technical user could be not very familiar with different terminologies associated with transformation of small businesses from desktop applications to cloud. The book describes essential cloud hosting concepts in very easy and clear to understand language, making normal all issues related to cloud computing and application hosting, even for non-technical people.

“Cloud Hosting Explained for Normal People” describes essential cloud hosting concepts in easy to understand language, and makes cloud computing and application hosting something that normal, so that even normal people can understand them.

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