Euro Cloud award-logoEuroCloud Award Romania 2015 Winning Solutions

Continuing the review of Romanian EuroCloud Award 2015 winners, today we will know more about StarVault Elasticloud solution provided by Star Storage, established by the Romanian jury as „Most innovative Cloud service” of the year.

StarVault Elasticloud is a Cloud service dedicated to the software developers which could access an enterprise and secure platform able to horizontally and vertically scale the processing resources – CPU and RAM – for servers and applications.

StarVault Elasticloud provides enterprise cloud software that redefines the economics of cloud deployment and management. Delivered as Platform-as-Infrastructure model, Elasticloud is bringing together the flexibility of IaaS and the ease of use of PaaS in a turnkey package, unleashing the potential of the cloud for enterprises, hosting service providers and developers.

​Designed to host Java, PHP, Ruby, Phyton, .Net, and Node.js applications, StarVault Elasticloud allows developer to automatically increase or decrease the number of memory and processing power resources according client needs and requests and to select of the right IT environment. In very short time ready to use enterprise level IT environments could be created.

Cloudlet is a resource unit created for the measurement of RAM & CPU, one Cloudlet being equivalent to 128 MB RAM and 200MHz CPU. Resources are charged on an hourly basis, measuring peaks in each hour. When calculating your cloudlet usage, we only consider the larger of RAM or CPU usage each hour (not both combined). Disk Space usage is measured in GB.

starvault_elasticloud_499x134Like all Elasticloud provided resources, the client has to pay only for actual consumption, and not need to buy extra space “just in case”. Internal or external network traffic usage is free. Public IPv4 is an external IP address which is directly accessible from outside of the cluster. This allows client to establish direct connections between the Internet and specific servers within his environment. Otherwise without buying a Public IPv4 address traffic is routed from the Internet to client environment via the Elasticloud traffic resolver. Elasticloud SSL protocol is establishing a secure connection between the client and developer Jelastic environment.

StarVault Elasticloud automatically adds or remove in just a few seconds the resources for application and server needs either vertically (for resources) or horizontally (servers instance) scalable, just with a few clicks. The platform is easy, simple and fast for deployment. Applications deployment is only a matter of uploading of developer application package and choosing the right environment with one or multiple computing instances. StarVault Elasticloud will automatically update each one of them.

The main facilities developers should consider in order to adopt Elasticloud are related to:

  • starvault_elasticloud_400x221Easy One-click installation – especially on “bare metal”
  • Resource utilization maximized by the highest application density
  • Cost and complexity eliminated by End-to-end management
  • Rapid revenue recognition by “Built-in” pricing and billing
  • Deployment costs reduced by “Zero application changes”
  • Automatic vertical scaling of any application
  • Single-point of management allows access to all application resources and configuration files
  • Wide range of standard application servers and database technologies
  • Technology used by thousands of application architects and developers
  • Dedicated hosting partner relations staff
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Cash-in new market opportunities leveraging costs and time reduction for new applications deployment
  • Wide array of application server and database choices

Main benefits offered by StarVault Elasticloud:

  • Faster developing and deployment of software applications
  • Any application support is removing the dependence on a proprietary API
  • Simple and easy to setup – deploy IT environment in just a few seconds
  • Cloudlet based service
    Pay as you go

StarVauld Elasticloud was appreciated by the Romanian EuroCloud Award jury for his Platform as infrastructure model, which is offering single interface flexible management of applications and access to the configuration infrastructure. Centralized management of the development efforts and implementation traceability allow advanced functions like automatic updates of all test & dev instances, easy returning to the last stable code version, and new code versions deployments with just a click directly from application.

The platform could be tested for FREE 14 days by simple account opening on


Images Source: Star Storage

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