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Like last year, cloud☁mania will honor the winners of EuroCloud Award Romania 2016 contest with dedicated articles. The first from this articles series is dedicated to the Cloud migration solution implemented by Zitec for a series of clients including international companies. 

Zitec’s Cloud migration service is designed to help companies either migrate an entire application to a public Cloud platform or extend an existing application to the Cloud using a hybrid approach. The service covers all phases of such projects: compatibility audit, effort estimation, planning, migration, cost optimizations, monitoring & alerting.


Lucian Daia, Head of Custom Solutions at Zitec

“In the last year our solutions targeted more industries than in previous years, so first of all we had to adjust the migration process to strictly regulated areas, such as finance,” said Lucian Daia, Head of Custom Solutions at Zitec. “From a technical perspective, due to increasing size of the migrated applications, we invested more time in performance tests and high availability attributes.  Automatic configuring – Config Management – of all Cloud resources was also a frequent topic in our projects, with positive results in customer management costs decreasing.”

The migration service is suitable for any company. The customer which benefit of Zitec’s Cloud migration services portfolio are successful start-ups or SMEs (such as Borealy, Zonia, LaFemme, etc), big companies (Studio Moderna, Preturi Pentru Tine, Flanco, eMag, Cargus, etc) and multinational corporations (CFR Calatori, ENGIE, Rompetrol KazMunayGas).

The complexity of the migration also covered a large array of server clusters: from several small machines to more than a hundred machines per application. Migrations covered open-source, as well as proprietary technologies, and span both major public cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Zitec is a Romanian software company specialized in online products and applications development. In the last years, Zitec conducted a series of Cloud migration projects that propelled the company as one of the most dynamics Romanian Cloud providers. A solid prove for this is Zitec performed in EuroCloud Award contest from 2015, where the company’s Cloud migration methodology was recognized in Best Cloud Transformation Methods” category.

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