With Wand.education Learning Becomes Magic


One of the most interesting eLearning solution presented last week at BETT 2017 was Wand.education, an intuitive Web-based content creation platform dedicated to the intelligent learning process.

Launched in December 2016 by SIVECO Belgium Sprl – the local branch of SIVECO Romania in Brussels, Wand.education is one of most intuitive learning content creation platform ready to be used by a simple Web browser by any teacher who wants to develop interactive lessons in very short time.

Image Source: Radu Jugureanu, Senior Expert Wand.education

This January, Wand.education participated with a special booth and a lot of demo sessions in BETT 2017  (British Education and Training Technology) exhibition (24-28 January, London ExCel), being well received by the interested visitors. With 900 exhibitors and more than 34,000 visitors from 138 countries, BETT is recognised as world’s largest education event. BETT mission is to create a better future for transforming education, by bringing together people, ideas, practices and technologies so that educators and learners can fulfil their potential.

BETT 2017 is over but the education revolution is just beginning. The learning workflow from the school’s education should make the big step from the industrial age to the digital age. eLearning process should be easy and inexpensive for teachers because they already use digital technology, interactive whiteboards and online tools in the classrooms.

But what is Wand.education and why are so important these smart content platforms for the teaching and learning process? Wand.education is a content creation platform that facilitates to teachers extremely quick creation of better interactive lessons. Wand.education is more than a digital book or a multimedia presentation. Teachers can very easy create interactive and appealing presentations, including galleries, animations, labels, mind-maps, hot-spots, crosswords or flashcards. More that, the platform integrated more developed facilities like assessments and learning games.

Wand.education integrates a multimedia library, containing illustrations, videos, audios and 3D objects ready for use. By a simple click, the teachers can provide assignments to their students and monitor learning progress using smart reports that provide them with actionable data. More that, being a Web application platform, Wand.education is compatible with any digital device and very easy to assimilate in the existing school’s infrastructure.

Image Source: Wand.education

By using Wand.education, teachers can create:

  • Presentations: Aggregate information and present it in a more structured and appealing way using galleries, labels, mind maps, flashcards.
  • Assessments: Correct misconceptions, reinforce key knowledge, measure progress and drive continuous learning using image-matching, ranking, hot-spots, sentence sequencing or fill in.
  • Learning Games: Make learning more fun and maintain students’ attention using jigsaw puzzles, trivia, or crosswords.

But how could be integrated existing lessons and courses on the new platform? A key feature of Wand.education and a big facility for teachers is the possibility to import existing slides with pptx presentations.

Need teachers a special training to learn how to use Wand.education? The platform is very easy to learn and to use, having more than 15 ready-made templates, designed to facilitate the learning experience.

How affordable is the platform for teachers’ budget? Wand.education is available in multiple subscription versions, designed for different users’ needs. Signing up for free Wand Create account, any teacher can have immediate access to 512 Mb Storage, 15+ Templates, Student Groups, Multimedia Library, Lesson Repository and Student Analytics Reports. Individual teachers and schools could have access to Wand Inspire and Wand School pay per year subscription accounts that allow the access to extended resources able to easily build, share and make use of more interactive lessons, providing personal workplace management, access to advanced analytics, and helpdesk technical support.

Image Source: Radu Jugureanu, Senior Expert Wand.education

„eLearning has promised for years to actively change the face of school education but we believe it is just beginning to deliver on the promise. Wand.education enables a 360º approach to education in schools, putting together all key actors: teachers, students, parents and decision-makers, into a continuum learning process without physical borders,” says Prof. Radu Jugureanu, senior expert Wand.education

According to professional researchers, over 95% of teachers are creating their own digital lessons. Teachers need full flexibility when it comes to digital lessons, tailoring learning content for their students’ needs, constantly improving learning activities and catering for different student abilities. By consulting with innovative and successful teachers, administrators, education trainers, and technology officers, Wand.education was designed to simplify the delivery of educational content.


“Slideshows, crosswords, hotspot and sorting activities & assessments. This Wand.education platform proving impressive. Nice on iPad too.” Mark Robinson, Teacher Consultant UK

The application also supports educators to develop formative assessments activities, correcting misconceptions and reinforcing key knowledge. As a result, teachers not only can improve their instruction but help their students how to learn more effectively. Students are encouraged to explore through interactive presentations, games and assessments, while teachers add the creative spark that inspires their curious minds.

Teachers are not mere consumers of digital resources, they are co-authors and they want to create their own digital lessons, tailored to their students’ needs. With Wand.education™ we believe that we have developed a platform that will enable teachers to create meaningful and authentic learning experiences in a matter of minutes”, says Marius PRODANA, Wand.education Product Manager.

Image Source: Radu Jugureanu, Senior Expert Wand.education

Want.education was presented also in the International conference eduVision 2020, one of the special events organised in London during BETT 2017, part of the Education World Forum. During the conference, Dan BUCKLEY – CEO at South East Cornwall Multi Academy Regional Trust presented the first experiences made with Wand.education in English schools and which is the impact of eLearning platform in the digital transformation of the traditional teaching and learning processes. “I was impressed by the range of tools on offer and the ease with which I could work out how to use them intuitively,” says Dan BUCKLEY.

eLearning should be accessible to every teacher in the world. Guided by this philosophy, the team of experts enrolled in eduVision 2020 has created a basic version of the eLearning platform that is free. Today, eLearning breaks down barriers. The open education resources encourage and enable sharing free content while leading to social empowerment of millions of people around the world. Starting from this vision, Wand.education promise is to provide teachers, through an intuitive and accessible platform, full support for developing a quality interactive educational content in a simple easy way.

“Improving the performance of current systems is not enough. Far-reaching innovation is needed to equip young people with the new knowledge and skills they need for the new economy, to provide education to millions of more children effectively and efficiently, and to take advantage of new technology and a new understanding of how children learn. Leaders must foster innovation across education systems by creating an environment in which innovation can emerge and scale, and by prioritising innovation in three key areas identified as critical for future success: the education workforce, the use of technology, and the role of non-state partners.”

The Learning Generation: Investing in education for a changing word – The International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity

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