Welcome to Marketing for IT 2017!



The second edition of Marketing for IT (Mk 4 IT) organised by Loopaa marketing agency in 23 rd of February, will be hosted by Impact Hub from Cluj-Napoca.

Organised for the first time in 2016, Marketing for IT  is the first marketing event 100% dedicated to the IT community. Conceived as a one-day event, the conference will bring together marketing and HR specialists from Romanian IT companies and the entrepreneurs working in this industry.

Starting from the facts IT is one of the most dynamic and competitive industry in this moment, offering a wide area of professional experiences, the organisers proposed for this second edition as conference headline: “Employer Branding & Product Marketing, Arts You Can Master”. IT industry is one of the top employment fields today and technical creativity should be a must in order to achieve and to stay on the top.

Proposing this conference covering the topic, MK 4 IT organisers want to offer to the marketers all necessary knowledge and essential tools to help them to win the game. After an opening keynote session, this year event will be split into two panels, one focused on the challenges and the opportunities brought by Employer Branding and the other on best Product Marketing practices.

Are you a marketing professional from IT industry? Register to Mk 4 IT and you will have the possibility to meet marketing and HR specialists from leading IT companies. Participate in the conference and you will have the opportunity to know which are the most innovative trends, strategies and digital tools that can help you to better promote your brands and solutions.


Register HERE !

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