TOSS C3 Interview: From Underground Research to Digital Transformation

TOSS C3 is a technology company focused on designing & building private clouds and converting companies to the Cloud. TOSS C3 is the sole provider of IT as a Utility®, vBCDR®, and recognised by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as the Cloud Conversion Company®(C3).

Read My Insights about Cloud and Digital Transformation published by TOSS C3 in the article:  “Expert Interview Series: Radu Crahmaliuc of Cloud Mania on Digital Transformation” on 8 June 2017. Find here my answers to the first three interview questions:

Q: Tell us about your professional background. How did you become a Cloud Computing evangelist?

I think knowledge, science and technology have always been the key drivers in my evolution. Having an engineering background in the natural sciences field, I had the chance to get close to the world of computers working on my doctoral thesis. This was the first input that conducted me to the IT industry– practically my second professional life.

The journey into the IT universe was amazing by the cumulative experiences: from journalism to communication and corporate PR, from marketing to product management and pre-sales, from business development to sales and channel management, from local subsidiaries business management to start-up development and new market penetration.

The passion for the cloud was not my first “techno love”. Ten years ago I was struggling to show decision makers the benefits of server and application virtualization. It was hard to penetrate a market powered by physical servers and volume workstations. So I was in the cloud universe even from the beginning trying to show people the extraordinary benefits of cloud and to help them to change their user’s behaviour.

Q: What IT and Cloud trends and topics are you focusing on these days? What’s catching your attention in the Digital Transformation space?

From the very beginning, I thought the disruptive power of new technologies that came as successive waves on the same high current of cloud would primarily influence business processes. Spiral of techno-evolution is natural. Business habits and people’s mentalities need to be changed. The experience gained in cloud promotion and sales campaigns, as well as the multiple interactions with the cloud users, help me in well positioning of digital adoption issues.

What is critical in an enterprise digital transformation now is the enterprise’s transformation. A transformation process is not a simple IT project. Excepting IT guys, many other peoples and LOB are involved here. Even the CIO’s role is transforming, from a technical supervisor into a benefits broker to the others lines of business. This is the reason I’m focusing on the digital transformation processes. To facilitate the better understanding of the new CIO/s role and to explain to business people how to better use digital tools.

Q: How would you define Digital Transformation? Why should businesses spend time investing in a Digital Transformation strategy?

Well, is not easy … We can take a simple definition like: “Digital transformation is the machine conducted evolution process where any business needs to invest in digital technologies in order to become more performant”. This is the concept’s backbone, but this is not enough. From a business perspective, it’s essential to have a digital transformation vision conducting to digital adoption strategy.

We can define digital transformation as the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, coming with fundamental changes in the business operation patterns. Beyond that, it’s a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, to experiment often and to assume the risk of any failure.

Digital transformation is then an essential process for business strategy. The disruption is coming from the radical change between long-standing business processes that companies built and the fragility of new practices that are still being defined.

For the full interview containing eight questions and answers, please read the original article Expert Interview Series: Radu Crahmaliuc of Cloud Mania on Digital Transformation appeared first on TOSS C3.

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