AGORA Press Group and cloud☁mania – knowledge platform for Cloud & Business Transformation, announces the publication of the GDPR Ready Catalogue – the first editorial project in Romania dedicated to service and solutions offerings to ensure compliance with the GDPR provisions. The GDPR Ready catalogue is part of the 7th edition of the Catalog of Cloud Computing Romania guides and is an essential component of the “GDPR Ready!” Initiative. 

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Since May 2016, when the European Parliament approved EU Regulation 2016-679, GDPR became the keyword in all business, technological and social environments. The new Regulation is the most important change to the legislation on personal data protection in the EU and globally. 2018 will be a year of much agitation, with major implications not only for the IT area but also for governmental organizations and data operators in any industry. For, after all, we are all data processors, and we will all be subject to the same rules.

Although it is technologically advanced, the IT industry is one of the areas where compliance with the new regulation can raise the biggest problems. The vast majority of companies are aware of the strategic importance of alignment with GDPR provisions, but very few are really prepared to act. What do Cloud providers do to provide GDPR compliant services? But data centre operators? But eCommerce companies and online payment processors? But distribution companies, reseller channels and IT retailers? But software houses and call-centre service providers, consulting, training and maintenance? Of course, there are many things common to all of these IT domains, but also a multitude of particular aspects.

Quick Guide

This was the reason we decided the 7th Edition of the Cloud Computing Romania Catalogue should be dedicated to GDPR. Starting from the knowledge and coordination gap in the IT industry, we felt the need to edit a GDPR Ready Catalog that would serve and provide general recommendations for data operators in any industry. The GDPR Ready Catalog is structured in two parts:

  • Quick Guide
  • GDPR Compliance and Service Recommendations Catalog.

The “Quick Guide” contains 60 questions and responses structured so as to provide an overview of the main changes introduced by the Regulation as well as the critical areas that we need to know when preparing compliance. It also comes with a series of recommendations from international experts, governmental and professional associations, and analysis & research firms. The main chapters covered by the compliance questions series relate to:

  • The Importance of GDPR
  • Brief history of personal data protection
  • GDPR Principles
  • Rights of the data subjects
  • Personal data protection
  • Impact assessment
  • International data transfer
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Notification of security breaches and penalties.

The guide is accompanied by the recommendations of experts who have referred to the main directions for Cloud providers: Bart von Buitenen – managing partner White Wire, Ian MoyseIan Moyse, Sales Director Natterbox,  Cloud Industry Forum, Lucia Ştefan – Archiva consultant manager Ltd (UK) and Attle Skjekkeland – Vice President AIIM Europe, as well as the recommendations of the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP), CERT.RO, ANSII + some of its members and IDC Romania.

GDPR Compliance Conformance Guidelines

The second section is the GDPR Compliance Conformance Guidelines offered by vendors, integrators and resellers of information security solutions and services, service packs provided by law firms, consulting companies, and training and certification firms. We thank the partners from ALEF Distribution, Archiva Ltd., ASBIS, AxelSoft, Commvault, Info World, IXIA, Omega Trust, Providence, Relational, Romsym Data, RQM Certification, Star Storage, Tryamm and Zitec for participating with us at this project.

GDPR Ready Initiative

Publication of the GDPR Catalog is part of the GDPR Ready Initiative, which brings together a wide variety of projects and activities designed to help data operators and processors in Romania:

  • GDPR Explicit Articles – 15 articles published on the cloud☁mania website
  • Quick Guideline in the GDPR Catalog
  • Brochures and eBooks
  • Market studies and analyzes
  • Media Partnerships
  • Organizing GDPR Events
  • Moderate GDPR panels
  • Training sessions
  • Recommendations and advice to IT companies

The GDPR says that organizations must be in compliance as early as May 25, 2018. If you think that until then there is enough time for you to start implementing the necessary measures to ensure GDPR compliance, you have to keep in mind that the average duration of a trial may be FOUR – FIVE months, depending on the size of the organization and the type of processed personal data.


There are 209 days left!

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