Azure Stack for the first time in Romania through BinBox

BinBox is the first provider of Azure Stack hybrid cloud services in Romania. Capitalizing the full potential of the Microsoft Azure Stack hybrid Cloud platform, BinBox’s datacenters are providing improved access and control to their clients. From the government infrastructure to any industries organizations like health, insurance or finance can benefit from the immediate advantages offered by the hybrid cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure Stack is an extension of the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, which sets the building blocks of a truly consistent Cloud platform. Its consistency eliminates any setbacks generated by the complexity of a hybrid Cloud platform, aiding to maximize the clients’ investments in the Cloud platform and local storage media. At the same time, this consistency contributes to the optimization of the application development process and the increase of developers’ productivity.

Azure Stack facilitates the fast development of Cloud applications, by building components thereof directly in the Azure Marketplace. Consequently, this feature allows clients to invest in people and processes, knowing that they are fully transferable. The ability to run consistent services on a local basis in Azure provides full flexibility in the decision-making process surrounding the location of the applications and processes’ storage. In the same time, the integrated delivery model allows companies to faster delivery of innovative solutions from the Azure platform.

Through this first implementation of Azure Stack in Romania, Microsoft, together with partners such as BinBox, is helping companies benefit from the sheer strength of our Cloud platform, in order to develop new products by using artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive intelligence and IoT”,  stated Daniel Rusen, Cloud and Enterprise Lead, Microsoft Romania.

The BinBox team is permanently developing and implementing new ideas, in order to provide a wide range of applications and services, designed to optimize business processes across the board. For instance, Azure Stack allows companies located in remote areas or dealing with unreliable networks to use cloud methods without an Internet connection. Also important is the Cloud model can be brought on premises, by designing, updating and extending applications, with the help of a consistent DevOps process, available for deployment in the Cloud platform as well as on-premises.


Tiberiu Croitoru, CEO BinBox Global Services



We are thrilled by this new challenge and we are confident that it will lead to new opportunities on the Romanian Cloud market”, said Tiberiu Croitoru, CEO BinBox Global Services. ”Moreover, we will be able to improve our products and launch customized services designed for the premium market, at the same time”.




Microsoft’s hybrid Cloud platform also brings a number of innovative characteristics to the Romanian market, such as:

  • Compliance with the new European regulations regarding the protection of personal data – GDPR
  • Improved DevOps and CloudOps practices
  • Continuous integration
  • Customized services
  • Deployment templates for any environment

As a Microsoft partner and certified Azure Stack provider, BinBox is committed to providing the highest level of accessibility and security to its clients, by using state of the art technology from top-tier providers such as CISCO.

About BinBox

BinBox is dedicated to connecting people, information and ideas around the world, providing the highest quality telecommunication and data center services. The company has evolved from a classic data center provider to a full-service provider, aiming to save costs and reduce its clients’ efforts to manage hardware and software platforms, thus allowing them to focus on the activities that are most important to their businesses.

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