CIO Council Romania launched in a today Press Conference the brief results of the study Cloud Adoption. Strategiile de IT se redefinesc în business” (Cloud Adoption, IT Strategies from Business perspective).  Based on the participation of 107 big companies, is a reflection of cloud computing adoption rate in Romania.

Cloud Adoption Picture2 micComparing with the first edition from last year, actual study is reflecting a natural growth of Cloud adoption in Romanian economy with 61% of participants declaring investments in different models of cloud, comparing with 55% from the last year. Keeping an average development of cloud adoption, CIO Council Romania is forecasting until 2017 all Romanain ig companies will use at least a cloud based service. CIO Council Romanaia study was focused on the IT role in promoting cloud adoption.

Scalability, development time, and cost reduction were the most important factors for cloud adoption, and the most important threats were security, data & services availability, and legal issues.

The most popular SaaS services in Romania are e-mail & office packages, CRM, and ERP solutions.

More about cloud adoption trends in Romania in next posts…

Photo source: CIO Council Romania.

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