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Most Important Event Calendar – Updated!

Here is updated Agenda for some of most important Events & Expo coming until the end of 2013.

Any new important announcement will be included in Cloud Event Calendar

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USA FlagWhat: UNITED Security Summit

When:  19 – 21 August 2013

Where: Boston,  USA

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UK Flag


When:  18-19 September

Where: London, UK

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UK FlagWhat: Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Congress 2013

When: 25-26 September 2013

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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USA FlagWhat: Cloud Business Summit 2013

When:  25 September 2013

Where: New York City, NY, USA

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Luxembourg flagWhat: EuroCloud Congress 2013

When: 15-16 October 2013

Where: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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UK FlagWhat: CloudOpen Europe

When:  21-23 October

Where: Edinburgh  International Conference Center, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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UK FlagWhat: AppsWorld 2013

When: 22 – 23 October 2013

Where: Earls Court, London, UK

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USA FlagWhat: Oktane13

When:  3 – 5 November, 2013

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA

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USA FlagWhat: 13th International Cloud Expo

When:  4 – 7 November, 2013

Where: Santa Clara Convention Centrer, Santa Clara, CA, USA

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Spanish FlagWhat: Alfresco Summit 2013

When:  4 – 7 November, 2013

Where: Barcelona, Spain

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Germany FlagWhat: W-JAX13

When:  4 – 8 November, 2013

Where: Munich, Germany

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french flagWhat: LDAPCon 2013

When:  18 – 19 November, 2013

Where: Salle du Mas, Paris, France

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USA FlagWhat: dreamforce 2013

When: 18-21 November, 2013

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA

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UK FlagWhat: 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science

When:  2-5 December, 2013

Where: Bristol, UK

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USA Flag

What: Cloud Security Alliance Congress 2013

When:  4 – 5 December, 2013

Where: Orlando, FL, USA

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Starting last week, anyone who is opening Autodesk Exchanges Apps store could see a new application called Autodesk Remote.

Autodesk RemoteThe new solution is available to download only as a subscription benefit, and is dedicated to mobile users who need to access their workstation and associated applications from any device, in anyplace, and anytime.

Autodesk Remote is aimed at individuals or organisations that need the flexibility to access their host installed software from wherever they are in the world with a minimal amount of effort or pre-configured infrastructure.

According Autodesk Exchange Apps notice: in this moment “Autodesk Remote currently works in North-America only”.

Read more about VDI technologies and remote connectivity advantages in original article “Autodesk® Remote launched for subscription customers”, posted yesterday by Demir Ali, on the Autodesk Digital Prototyping blog page.


Photo Source: Autodesk


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