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Daryl Plummer, Managing VP & Gartner Fellow, is unanimity recognised as a master in the absolute concise and accurate observation.

DarylPlummer-2Here are very interesting personal considerations related to six key points about cloud technologies and cloud adoption, delivered as a formidable ‘state of the cloud’ report during the last traditional Gartner Symposium.

1. “If you have to know how it works, it’s not cloud” – one of the most concise and comprehensive definition of cloud… If a customer could know anything about how is working services in the cloud, then it’s not a real cloud.

2. “There is no such thing as a cloud – there are only cloud services” – any customer should know cloud is not universal panacea, and everything could be in his benefit is related to services on the cloud.

3. “Don’t put your eggs in one cloud basket because that’s the road to disaster” – paraphrase after an old popular proverb, this statement is a recommendation to not migrate all data and all applications on the same platform provided by the same vendor.

4. “Private cloud is a great first step to the public cloud, but not a great last step” – from the practice is a reality: many companies is starting cloud adoption with a private cloud implementation, what is the result of virtualization progress, but this should be not the last movement. Any part of infrastructure that could be migrated in public cloud will grow the cost reduction benefits.

5. “IaaS is easy, but not the best value” – starting from any architecture basement, implementation of infrastructure-as-a-services is the most elementary step in private cloud adoption, but this should be not the last step. Other cloud formula like platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service could offer more benefits “We’re going to be spending more on PaaS and SaaS,” Plummer says.

6. “Cloud computing will be just computing by 2018” – this is becoming more and more clear. According Plummer predictions 2016 will be “the defining year of the cloud.” Just like personal clouds became popular in 2013, the convergence between the main trends like the Internet of Everything, 3D printing, and smart machines will be the cloud engine generators in 2016. “Cloud is the place where big data really happens,” says Plummer. In the same way we already forget to use consecrated terms like e-business, complete assimilated now with classic business concept, the same will be the future of cloud computing, which by 2018 will be just like old computing notion.

Source: Personal interpretation of the original statements from


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