This is a selection of most important events and significant facts related or associated with Cloud Computing market development in Romania during this year. Despite the voices which are considering Romania as “eternal emerging market from the border of Internet”, cloud☁mania want to put the stage lights on the positive development in the country, pioneering projects, initiatives, awarded solutions and services which were not possible without the passion for development and the believe in positive power of the Cloud. A more detailed events description article was published in Romanian language in IT Trends magazine, online and printing version in November 2014 (translated title) “Cloud has received increased popularity in Romania during 2014”

Keeping monthly chronology, here are short descriptions of the selected events:

Catalog_Cloud_Computing_2014-211x300January 2014 – First edition of Cloud Computing Catalog Romania was released result of partnership between Agora Group publisher and cloud☁mania concept and content contributor. Related c☁m article 

February 2014Are you ready to make money in cloud” was the main message of business seminar organized by Consulta company for traditional Microsoft partners and ISVs who want to develop their cloud sales skills and business opportunities. Related c☁m article 

March 2014”Beyond surviving, shaping the future of IT” was the main topic of 2nd National Conferences organized by CIO Council Romania. After first professional market research dedicated to Cloud adoption in enterprise companies from Romania released last year, this time CIO Council debates was dedicates to main changes Cloud adoption is inducing in traditional role of a CIO.

April 2014National Institute for Information Research (ICI) launched the public project “Cloud Infrastructure for Public Sector – ICIPRO, who is based on app. 17 Million EUR project to build a 300 sqm. National Datacenter placed in ICI 300 sqm. area.

Mai 2014Net Brinel, one of local system integration and developing IT company is announcing the opening of partnership with Salesforce on Romanian territory. Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud are of most important SaaS introduced in Net Brinel solution portfolio, together with Salesforce Platform. Related c☁m article.

June 2014  – Second edition of Cloud Computing Catalog Romania was released, having as main topic Infrastructure as a Service trends and market development. Related c☁m article.

July 2014 – First OpenStack BootCamp from CEE was organized in Bucharest during 3 days, by Mirantis company specialized in providing OpenStack training and certifications and support of local OpenStack community. Related c☁m article.  

August 2014“Smart Bill Cloud”, invoicing application developed by Intelligent IT was appreciated as “The Best Application from Romania” during the international contest “Business Wall of Fame”. Local national operator Romtelecom (actually Telekom Romania) introduced application in current business solutions packages offered to local business community.

eurocloud_award_2014September 2014EuroCloud President Bernd Becker announced the winners of EuroCloud Award 2014, during opening ceremony of EuroCloud Congress. From 50 cloud solutions winners of local contest in 12 countries registered for EuroCloud Awards 2014 final, two Romanian solutions was awarded: Ymens cloud provider with National Registry of Patients with Rheumatoid Poly-arthritis – recognized on 1st place for Best Cloud Service for Public Sector, and BigStep Full Metal Cloud  winning the second prize in “Best IaaS/PaaS Service” category. Related c☁m article.

October 2014Polytechnic University from Bucharest organized under new Academic Program ERASMUS+ umbrella the first meeting of IT security experts from 7 countries affiliated to DECAMP project. Between major results of this international collaboration, one most important is the large possibility for Romanian students to participate to international Cloud Computing courses provided in this program by University from Cantabria, Spain. ERASMUS+ is the new name of EU program for education which is replacing former program: „Life Long Learning (LLL)”.

November 2014 – Here I should mention two events with different importance meanings. These days Bucharest becomes the regional hub of various cybersecurity events during DefCamp days organized by Cyber Security Research Center from Romania – CCSIR. Between famous speakers are Paul de Souza – Director of CSFI (Cyber Security Forum Initiative) and Mika Lauhde – Vice President, Government Relations and Business Development – SSH Communication Security.Related c☁m article.

logo-RoCSOther significant event was ROCS 2014, organized by joined forces of IDG Romania and Agora Group. This year ROCS celebrated 20th edition with an emotional remembering of what’s happen in the last 20 years and a visionary perspective of how new technologies and borderless research could influence our future in the next 20 years. Cloud computing and the related concepts and technologies will continue to play an essential role in the net future.

Summarizing all these and adding a lot of new cloud services were announced by international and local cloud services providers, we could appreciate a real increasing of interest for Cloud in the last year and we hope 2015 will be the year with a significant development and cloud adoption in Romania. Because in Cloud we Trust.


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