Announced at the end of August, Multi-Cloud Connect from NTT Communications is an optional feature on NTT Com’s Arcstar Universal One, solution which enables enterprises to access third party public cloud services through its high-performance MPLS network for enhanced security and improved connectivity.




Cloud services popularity is fast growing but inconsistent Internet performance could be a major impediment in the large adoption of most of public cloud services at enterprise level. The main purpose of Multi-Cloud Connect is to improve the performance issues offering a direct connection of the Arcstar Universal One MPLS network to some public cloud service provider platforms, like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud platforms are connected to Multi-Cloud Connect via a security-enhanced private Layer 3 connection, not via the internet.

According NTT Communication launching announcement Multi-Cloud Connect is offering direct access to Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud platforms in Tokyo starting August 26th 2015, followed by London later this year. Leveraging its 130 self-owned data centers worldwide, NTT Com can provide customers with a hybrid solution that suits their different application needs: whether it’s a mix of on-premise, private cloud (Enterprise Cloud) and/or public cloud.

For more info about the Multi-Cloud Connect service visit Arcstar Universal One Web page.

Info and Image source: NTT Communications


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