eBook Of The Month – September 2015

Here is cloud☁mania’s September recommendation for eBook of the Month category. Edited by IBM in limited edition “APIs for Dummies” is a real guide to applying the power of APIs in business challenges processes, starting with business changing management to embracing a world of devices and sensors (IoT).

From very beginning the API was accepted as standard acronym for Application Programming Interfaces, but the API significance has evolved in the last period. In today modern business APIs today has more meanings. Experiencing the power of APIs involves much more than simply data assimilation. Whether you’re an API provider or an API consumer, you need to make smart business and IT decisions.

APIs 4 DummiesThis book first defines the basic nature of modern APIs and then leads you through several necessary decisions, ranging from which APIs to provide or consume to how you can build an effective API technology platform.

Name of the Book: “APIs for Dummies”, IBM Limited Edition

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, 2015

Author: Claus T. Jensen, STSM & Chief Architect API & SOA to IBM

Short description: The book is defining the modern APIs as flexible ways of projecting essential capabilities to an audience outside of owner team. When done right, APIs enable enterprises to innovate faster and reach new audiences. That is the value of APIs, and the author is trying to find the APIs basic nature, and what key questions should be asked when starting an API journey.

More info about IBM API solutions and How to Download eBook

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