EuroCloud Award Romania 2015 Winning Solutions

In July 2015 EuroCloud Romania announced the winners of the 3rd edition of EuroCloud Award Romania 2015. This was the prove the national Cloud solution competition achieved his main target, to identify and promote the best practices and Cloud champion solutions occurring from the recognized potential of Romanian cloud computing industry.

Euro Cloud award-logoThe Romanian jury has established the winners in the 2015 awards competition for 5 categories:

Having the main credentials with EuroCloud in promoting and encouraging Cloud knowledge and local true values, social-technology platform cloud☁mania followed EuroCloud Romania awards since the 1st contest and I was honored to be part of the jury in the last two editions. As professional market analyst is obvious the competing solutions are more and more complex, the award categories should address more segments, and winners setting is becoming more difficult. That is the fact and all market research sustained it: Romanian Cloud market is growing, and there are local cloud solutions providers with real chances of breaking through on the International Cloud market.

All Romanian EuroCloud award finalists are participating in International EuroCloud Europe Award 2015, which will announce the European winners during Award Gala from EuroCloud Congress Barcelona, 7-9 October.

As promised in previous announcements, it is time to better know the winning solutions from EuroCloud Romania Awards 2015. Let’s start with Star Storage‘s provider STATUS Health Hub solution awarded as “Best cloud services for vertical markets”.

Status Capture 1STATUS Healthcare Hub is a platform that enables doctors and medical services providers to interact with their patients and exchange information in a secure and friendly environment. Main STATUS ability is to provide efficient management of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) offering data mobility and accessibility to complete medical files based on data coming from medical systems, from field doctors, and from patients. The files are containing recording of medication and assistance for correct drug administration, being able to provide easy and instant access from anywhere and anytime to complete patient records.

STATUS Healthcare Hub is offering also transparent promotion of medical services by keeping up to date doctor profile relating healthcare specialties training and medical expertise. Solution is based on safe environment for storage and transfer of medical data.

  • From Patients perspective, STATUS solution is a secure place to consolidate all the medical information, providing online access to best specialized medical staff able to deploy fast medical services based on tracking of individual history of heath and medication based on standard parameters and graphic charts.
  • Status ImageFor doctors STATUS Healthcare Hub is offering easy and complete access to patient medical history from any desktop or mobile device. Any remote assistance could update patient records with ease and upload images directly from doctors’ tablet or smartphone using the most secure channel to communication with patients.
  • From Health Service Providers point of view, STATUS solution is offering a very efficient and professional way to interact with patients, having the possibility to promote the best services and the most qualified doctors for each medical specialization. This is the better way to valorize the clinical and business records of medical data, offering specialized SaaS services and radical improving customer loyalty.

A STATUS Healthcare Hub demo preview could be find and ready to try at solution DEMO page.

A STATUS functionalities preview could be show on You Tube dedicated movie

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