EuroCloud Forum 2016: Hot Impressions View After Day 1 – Must See in Day 2

1st Day Finish: Panel discussion with the EuroCloud Awards 2016 Nominees. Image cloud☁mania

We just finished the first day of EuroCloud Forum in Bucharest. It was a full presentation day with two presentation stages dedicated to Policy & Legal and Technology.

cloud☁mania was there. I had the pleasure to moderate the Technology Stage where our journey in the Cloud was drive by recognised leaders of Cloud market like Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, Veeam, and Schneider Electric, B2B solution integrators like Ness Technology and Revevol, and Romanian Cloud services providers Ymens and Star Storage. More about the main topics discussed will come in the next articles.

Tomorrow will be another full day with a lot of presentation. You can see the EuroCloud Forum Agenda of Day 2 on the Forum Web site.

cloud☁mania invite you to assist to one of the most interesting presences in EuroCloud Forum 2016 edition. Come to see the presentation sustained by Dr Michaela Iorga, Senior Security Technical Lead for Cloud Computing at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), from Washington, DC, USA.

Michaela has more than 10-year experience in the development of complex security architectures and more than 20 years of overall programming experience. She is recognised as an expert in Cloud computing, information security risk assessment, information assurance and ad-hoc mobile networks. Michaela will speak tomorrow about “Setting the standards for the cloud: towards real-time security and accountability”

In June 2014, cloud☁mania published the first interview with Michaela Iorga in the Romanian media, named “Despre Cloud, reglementary si specification de securitate cu doamna Dr Michaela Iorga”. Romanian version of this interview was published also in “Catalog Cloud Computing Romania – 2nd Edition, IaaS” released in June 2014.

michaela-iorga-cu-citat“In the United States, the Federal Government is one of the World’s pioneers of cloud computing. The term cloud computing was initially coined in 1997 by Professor Ramnath Chellappa of Emory University that referred to the cloud as an important new “computing paradigm where the boundaries of computing will be determined by economic rationale rather than technical limits alone”. The international IT literature and media came forward afterwards with many definitions, models, and architectures, but it was not until the 2011 when United States’ National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published the Special Publication 800-145 that defines the cloud computing, the cloud deployment models and cloud service models that the world settled for, and widely adopted, the concept, the definition and the description as provided by NIST. Five years later, the entire world is speaking the same cloud “language” and clearly understands what, for example, an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) public cloud means”, said Michaela Iorga in an interview published a few weeks ago on the Blog section from the EuroCloud Forum 2016 web page. Read HERE the full interview.

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