Lucian Stoica, Managing Director GTS Telecom, Receiving EuroCloud Europe Award


Part of the seventh annual EuroCloud Europe Forum from Bucharest, EuroCloud Award 2016 gala hosted on October 5th by Regina Maria Saloon in Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest, was the special moment of the announcement of best European Cloud services.

Participants representing various players, policy-making organisation, professional communities, and academic research from all Europe had met in Bucharest to recognise Europe’s best Cloud services. More than 30 Cloud providers from all Europe countries competing for the Best of the Best position in five Cloud service categories. Romania was present with local award winners in four categories finals, GTS CloudSuite from GTS Telecom being recognised as the EuroCloud winner in Best Cloud Service for Horizontal Markets category.

Here are the lists of nominees and the winners in each category:

Best Cloud Service for Horizontal Markets

Winner: GTS CloudSuite, from GTS Telecom  (Romania)

Final nominees: (France), and  Skywave IoT Platform (Turkey)

Best Cloud Service for Vertical Markets

Winners: ComCloud – Cloud delivery Platform (Croatia) and Lega Cloud – Innova Bilisim Cozumleri (Turkey)

Finalists: Ogust SelfService (France), and StarCapture Mobile from Star Storage (Romania)

Best Cloud Services provided by Start-Up CSP’s

Winner: Medius CloudSE (Cloud Secure Element), from Medius d.o.o (Slovenia)

Finalists: Cloud Bursting like business “The new Cloud Generation” (Spain), and GR8PI platform from Great People Inside (Romania)

Best Cloud Transformation Methods

Winner: Trusted Cloud Europe – European Business Reliance Center (Luxembourg)

Finalists:  ComCloud Enterprise Application Store – Private Cloud at Croatian Post (Croatia), Verifone Retail Cloud Solutions and Trusted Service Manager (TSM) based in Istanbul Data Center (Turkey), and Zitec Cloud Migration consulting services (Romania).

Best Business Impact provided by Cloud Services

Winner: Arcelik the Spare Parts Forecasting Project – Arcelik A.Ș (Turkey)

Finalists: Mediaplatform (Spain) and Private Cloud at Croatian Post (Croatia).

A fast Cloud Growing Market

From year to year, the European Cloud market is growing. As a member of the EuroCloud Romania Jury from three years ago, and first time Jury member in European final, I feel this is a real growing. More and more providers are offering Cloud services in local countries or at the regional level. New companies from more than 20 countries subscribe each year to become a EuroCloud member. All of them are active members of EuroCloud communities, being involved in public and private projects.

This maturing of the European Cloud market is revealed by a real increasing of EuroCloud Award competition level. Thus, in this year edition, for two from five prizes categories International Jury has to establish 4 companies as finalists, and in Best Cloud Services for Vertical Market, we have to establish 2 winners with the same cumulative note in Jury’s appreciation.

But the best way to appreciate the maturity level of EuroCloud Award 2016 final contest is to know the participants and proposed solutions. Let’s take a look at final nominees from Best Cloud Service for Horizontal Markets category.

European winner: GTS CloudSuite, provided by GTS Telecom Romania

Finalists in Cloud Horizontal Market category at EuroCloud Award 2016 Gala

GTS Telecom is part of former GTS Central Europe, currently owned by Deutsche Telekom AG. GTS Telecom is one of the main infrastructure-based providers of telecommunication and data centre services in Romania, being positioned as a quality leader in the communications segment for medium and large companies. GTS Romania GTS’ IaaS portfolio offers solutions for unified communications systems, data storage and business continuity. GTS have a rich operating history in CEE and more than five years of experience in designing and providing Cloud solutions since 2011.

The GTS Cloud Suite includes public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions that are suitable for organisations of all sizes and industries, from retail providers and manufacturers to financial and government institutions. GTS delivers a scalable, first-class computing environment that can be adapted to meet the changing needs of customers’ businesses. GTS provides a flexible Cloud infrastructure where each customer can create different network topologies for different applications. These solutions can be easily integrated with other Cloud platforms or other hybrid or private clouds hosted on customers’ sites or in other data centres, offering our clients increased versatility.


Lucian Stoica, Managing Director GTS Telecom





Best Cloud Services for Horizontal Market European finalist: (France)


Who is  is a container based, second generation Platform-as-a-Service focused on Continuous deployment. The new product development is the result of more than two years research. SAS is a French, VC founded a company, with a very fast expanding. With 36 Collaborators distributed around the globe, registered growing revenues from 250k€ in 2014, to more than 5.5M€ in 2016. developed a global business with more than 40% in Europe, 30% in the USA, and the rest of the world is 30% with special successes in South America and Australia.

SkywaveIoT Platform, provided by Innova (Turkey), EuroCloud finalist

skywaveiotInnova is a leading software developer and integrator in Turkey which provides innovative software solutions and services, covering the entire project lifecycle from consulting, design, application development and integration to support. With more than 1000 people serving its clients, Innova has delivered solutions and services to Customers in 36 countries to date. Major customers of the company are fixed line and GSM operators in Turkey and abroad, banks.

One of the most important Cloud offerings of Innova is his horizontal IoT platform, SkywaveIoT. Built to empower Internet of Things, SkywaveIoT enables the development of innovative IoT applications with its flexible and reliable architecture. SkywaveIoT can provide end to end solution, from the gateway in the field to the report the customer can scan. It is easy to develop, integrate and store data for simple vertical applications as well as complex enterprise solutions.

Lastly, with the graph database search capacity, SkywaveIoT is able to search for various conditions in the field within seconds of time. The tagging structure of the field data can be used to pinpoint many statuses. Also, the event and status changes can be searched and reported in very small amount of time, making the customer aware of the current situation in a wide area of installations.

Similar description of winners and finalists from others categories will come in the next articles.

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