EuroCloud Award 2016 LogoContinuing our review of EuroCloud 2016 awarded solutions here is the winner for a very heavy services category: “Best Cloud service for horizontal markets”. Romanian contest jury established “GTS Telecom Cloud Suite” as the best services in this category.

GTS Telecom is part of former GTS Central Europe, currently owned by Deutsche Telekom AG. GTS Telecom is one of the main infrastructure-based providers of telecommunication and data center services in Romania, being positioned as a quality leader in the communications segment for medium and large companies.

Since 2014, the company has made two major investments in its data center infrastructure and cloud services. In May 2015 GTS Telecom increased its Bucharest Data Center surface by 60% after investing 1 million euros into its expansion and modernization and brought its technology up to the latest standards of the time. We continued to invest in our data center and cloud offer, opening a new data center in Cluj-Napoca in March 2016 and completing the implementation phase of a cloud platform on this site in June. This newly installed platform is the second one GTS Telecom owns and operates in Romania and uses the newest versions of VMware virtualization.

Lucian Stoica GTS
Răzvan Stoica, Managing Director GTS Telecom

Cloud services market is in constant evolution and their adoption rate is a constant one. At the same time, demand for data center services also recorded a visible progress. The number of contracts concluded by GTS Telecom for collocation services and cloud Infrastructure as a Service type (IaaS) increased by an annual average of 25% over the past two years”, declared Răzvan Stoica, Managing Director at GTS Telecom in an interview for EuroCloud Romania.

The GTS Cloud Suite includes public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions that are suitable for organizations of all sizes and industries, from retail providers and manufacturers to financial and government institutions. GTS delivers a scalable, first-class computing environment that can be adapted to meet the changing needs of customers’ businesses.

GTS provides a flexible Cloud infrastructure where each customer can create different network topologies for different applications. These solutions can be easily integrated with other Cloud platforms or other hybrid or private clouds hosted on customers’ sites or in other data centers, offering our clients increased versatility.

GTS network
GTS Telecom network

GTS Cloud services include Virtual Private Servers, Virtual Hosting Environments, Network Storage, Backup and on-demand solutions such as Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. We focus our efforts on providing the market with flexible services, the required expert consultancy needed to properly address specific problems and create the most suitable solution and the professional team to implement these solutions and provide full proactive support in 24×7 Network Operations Centers.

GTS Cloud services are focused on delivering added value to our customers through increased flexibility and customization, professionalism of design, implementation and support and high-quality standards. GTS Cloud Suite scalability allow customers access to an elastic pool of computing resources that can be rapidly deployed in response to their business demands.

GTS Telecom has implemented and operates an Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 requirements, certified by DNV Business Assurance. Furthermore, GTS is currently in the process of implementing the specific requirements of the ISO/IEC 27018: 2014 standard, part of ISO/IEC 27001.

In 2013, GTS Virtual Hosting Service was recognized by EuroCloud Romania as the “Best Cloud Offer“ in the IaaS category.

Concluding, GTS Telecom Cloud services help customers streamline their business and reduce capital investments, implementation time and the total cost of maintenance. These solutions offer options for unified communications systems, data storage solutions, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, by using the GTS Telecom state-of- the-art data centers and Cloud platforms.

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