First Hybrid Cloud Catalogue in Romania


The 6th edition of Cloud Computing Catalogue Romania dedicated to Hybrid Cloud solutions is here!

”It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

Hybrid Cloud models are more and more popular because they offer compromise solutions to any organisation that knows what they want and what they can bet, and they do not dream in teleporting on a digital planet. Because, if we want or not, we are in the era where the universal business language is becoming digital, and the disruptive technologies at the forefront of Cloud solutions tend to take on any development strategy. Those who still hesitate to make a radical move towards public cloud migration can find in the hybrid cloud model architectures the best fit between the internal control and classical benefits of public environments.

From our first Cloud Computing Catalogue in January 2014, the Hybrid Cloud implementations become more and more popular. With a hybrid platform, any company could choose on-premises technologies, private Cloud infrastructure managed or not, and Cloud public services from one or more providers, to support increased need for processing anytime, anywhere. According to a The Economist Intelligence Unit study, the Hybrid Cloud market will grow in the next 3-4 years with 22 percent average rate, and almost 3 from 4 IT managers are already in the process to adopt the Hybrid Cloud model.

How do we think the Hybrid Cloud Catalogue editorial structure? First of all, we have a Hybrid Cloud comprehensive guide mapped on 25 essential questions like:

  • What id the Hybrid Cloud? (HC)
  • Which are the fundaments of an HC model?
  • Private, public, or hybrid: What is better for us?
  • Transition stage of the end of the line?
  • Frontend or backend?
  • How could we develop applications in hybrid environments?
  • How can we choose the best Cloud environment?
  • What are market figures saying?
  • Why is so important the HC model?
  • Why is HC more and more popular?
  • What is Cloud Economic Efficiency?
  • Why is HC a business strategic tool?
  • Which are the financial advantages offered by hybrid systems?
  • Which are the marketing advantages offered by HC?
  • How can we avoid the HC miss-concepts?
  • There is a transformation miraculous receipt using HC?
  • What should we understand from a good management of HC system?
  • Public or private? Where should we begin in an HC system implementation?
  • How can we match the private-public puzzle?
  • How can we choose the best provider for hybrid services?
  • Which are the HC system associated risks?
  • What will nobody tell us about the HC adoption?
  • How important are becoming data centres for HC systems?
  • What is a backup in an HC model?
  • How can we choose a backup provider for an HC model?

More that, the Catalogue has a special section where 8 specialists, cloud experts, pioneers and managers offered us their personal statements about Hybrid Cloud. We have to thank for their valuable contribution to Bernd BECKER – Entrepreneur and Cloud Computing Expert Scout2Cloud Consulting, co-founder and former President EuroCloud Europe, Ron KEREN – IBM Country Leader Romania & Republic of Moldova, Ian MOYSE – #1Global Social Cloud Influencer & Cloud Industry Commentator , Florin ILIA – President and General Manager SIVECO Romania, Nicoleta MACOVEI – Executive Director Asseco SEE Europe, Gabriel MARIN – Chief Executive Officer OMNILOGIC, Mihnea MIHĂILESCU – General Manager Ymens, and Razvan STOICA – Chief Executive Officer GTS Telecom.

Finally, to offer a better image and a more accurate perspective on the local market hybrid solutions potential, we have made data centres analyse with a focus on the main services categories there are provided in the whole country: dedicated servers, colocation, virtual servers, Cloud infrastructures, platform hosting, and application hosting services.

We have also to thank companies which understood the value of this project, offering us information about their current hybrid services offers: BIT Software, Datanet Systems, Dell-EMC, GTS Telecom, IDC Romania, NXDATA, PAC, Palo Alto Networks, and SIVECO Romania.

According to cloud☁mania’s analysis, Hybrid Cloud adoption key drivers in Romania are most related to:

  • The Impact of Cloud Computing on the IT Industry
  • Penetration of Broadband and the Internet
  • Large acceptance of Outsourcing Delivery Model
  • Level of Virtualization Adoption
  • Licensing Policy of ISVs

We hope all these drivers together with the largest adoption of hybrid models starting from one existing Cloud or on-premises implementation will conduct to the fast acceleration of local market development in a period when the Hybrid is the better way for all.

Like other five editions of the Cloud Computing Romania Catalogue, this editorial project is the result of the friendly collaboration between Agora Group – the most important IT & business publishing & events group on the Romanian market today, and cloudmania – one of the most appreciated independent knowledge platform for Cloud and business transformation in Central East Europe.

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