This week we are preparing to close the subscriptions for the GDPR Catalog – the first GDPR publishing project in Romania. The Catalog will be released in February 2018, in both versions print and online. Any GDPR conformity solutions and services provider could send us last minute participation request.

What’s the point?

After the success of the first GDPR Ready Catalog published in October 2017 (A5 size, 96 pg), AGORA Group and cloud☁mania knowledge platform decided to continue to support data operators in Romania, doing just a little more than simply raising awareness.

In this spirit, the second edition of the GDPR Catalog will be dedicated to personal data protection processes and solutions focusing on the practical aspects of implementing the GDPR compliance process.

Like the previous edition, the GDPR Practical Catalog consists of two parts:

  • A Good Practice Guide that will offer recommendations from experts on concrete issues such as: How do we choose a DPO? How do we map data? What are the roles of operators and processors? How do we start the impact analysis? How do we conduct incidents management? Who, when and to who is reporting?
  • A Catalog of Offers for GDPR compliant solutions, consultancy, audit and certification services currently provided on the Romanian market.

By participating in the GDPR Practical Catalog, we offer you the chance to turn the market anxiety towards a Regulation that will affect 98% of Romanian companies in the opportunity to show your clients and prospects the value of the solutions and the expertise of the services provided for fast, and long-term compliance with GDPR.

Sounds interesting to you?

You can view the online edition of the first GDPR Ready Catalog here:

For the last minute registration, fill out the form below  

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