LogoEuroCloudRomania3EuroCloud Romania a anuntat castigatorii competitiei interne EuroCloud Award 2014, care vor merge anul acesta la Luxemburg pentru a reprezenta Romania in competitia Premiilor EuroCloud Europa 2014.

A fost a doua editie a celebrei competitii organizata in Romania de EuroCloud. Scopul concursului EuroCloud Award este evidentierea solutiilor de business inovatoare, recunoasterea performantelor industriei locale de cloud, precum si promovarea unui climat competitional in cadrul furnizorilor romani de servicii cloud.

Evaluate de catre un juriu independent, din care anul acesta a avut cinstea sa faca parte si cloudmania, premiile EuroCloud Romania fac parte din competitia europeana. Castigatorii din Romania sunt deja nominalizati in finala competitiei europene, ai ai carei invingatori vor fi anuntati in 30 septembrie 2014 la Luxemburg, in cadrul unei traditionale gale organizata in cadrul Congresului EuroCloud.

eurocloud_award_2014Pentru a acoperi cat mai bine diversitatea tot mai mare a serviciilor de cloud oferite, anul acesta au fost stabilite mai multe categorii fata de editia din 2013:

  • Cel mai bun serviciu SaaS de pe piata 
  • Cel mai bun serviciu IaaS/PaaS de pe piata
  • Cel mai inovativ startup de cloud
  • Startup-ul de cloud cu cel mai bun potential de business
  • Cel mai bun serviciu de cloud pentru sectorul public
  • Serviciul de cloud cu cel mai mare impact in business

In urma procesului de jurizare, anul acesta au fost acordate premii doar la acele categorii care au corespuns tuturor conditiilor de reprezentabilitate stipulate de regulamentul international al competitiei.

Asadar, laureatii competitiei EuroCloud Award Romania 2014 sunt:

  • Cel mai bun serviciu SaaS: 4PSA cu serviciul VoipNow Cloud on Demand 
  • Cel mai bun serviciu IaaS/PaaS: BigStep cu solutia Full Metal Cloud
  • Cel mai inovativ start-up de cloud: Marketizator
  • Cel mai bun serviciu de cloud pentru sectorul public: Ymens cu proiectul “Registrul pacientilor cu poliartrita reumatoida” 


Sa trecem scurt in revista fiecare dintre solutiile premiate:

VoipNow Cloud OnDemand, furnizor 4PSA –  platforma de comunicatii in cloud dedicata furnizorilor de servicii si organizatiilor care au nevoie de facilitati PBX Enterprise, comunicare video, mesagerie instant, elemente de contact center, conferinte, fax si mobilitate. Cu serviciile VoipNow Cloud OnDemand beneficiarii au acces la aceleasi solutii de inalta performanta pentru comunicarea in cloud, care ruleaza in propria infrastructura cloud. Solutia poate fi instalata si configurata in mai putin de o ora si oferita ca UC-as-a-Service.

Bigstep Full Metal Cloud, furnizor Bigstep – este o solutie de tip IaaS de inalta performanta pentru aplicatiile big data ce ofera o extraordinara scalabilitate fara a se baza pe un hypervisor, astfel incat poate asigura intreaga putere conferita de structura bare metal, precum si flexibilitatea si garantiile de securitate ale cloudului. Arhitectura solutiei o pozitioneaza ca ideala pentru structurile de cloud public care ruleaza aplicatii big data de mare putere, cu performante  care pot fi cu 300-500% superioare aplicatiilor similare ce ruleaza in mediile publice bazate pe infrastructuri virtuale.

Marketizator, furnizor Marketizator Friends – este o aplicatie de tip SaaS destinata marketerilor. Aceasta ajuta marketerii fara cunostinte tehnice sa faca diverse ajustari ale site-ului in vederea imbunatatirii vanzarilor, sa insereze diverse mesaje personalizate in functie de istoricul respectivului vizitator sau sa insereze sondaje de opinie. Mesajele si sondajele de opinie pot fi declansate in momentul in care vizitatorul doreste sa iasa din pagina.

Registrul Național al Pacienților cu Poliartrită Reumatoidă, furnizor Ymens – Asociația Registrul Român de Boli Reumatice și compania de cloud Ymens au dezvoltat și implementat un sistem cloud de referinta pentru sectorul public de sanatate din Romania. Dezvoltat la nivel national, sistemul este dedicat automatizarii fluxului dosarelor pentru pacientii cu poliartrita reumatoida. Doar in perioada primului an de utilizare, aceasta solutie a deservit peste 4000 de pacienti din intreaga tara si a crescut eficienta, rapiditatea si acuratețea fluxului de aprobare pentru zece terapii biologice.

Sa tinem pumnii pentru reprezentantii nostri in finala continentala a competitiei EuroCloud Award 2014!


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Beyond the media madness and storm waves aroused in many political, economic and social areas by last summer Snowden scandal contributed to a kind of “clouds dispersion on the sky” that threatened ecosystems involving cloud model. Negative impact offered a chance to catalyse positive forces, governments began to realize how much they need the cloud, the scientific community has focused on finding solutions to prevent any leaks, and European forums have accelerated the development of community standards.

cloud-computing-europeFrom the European Community perspective of cloud assimilation, 2014 will be quite important, governments of many countries having ambitious plans. A first signal was in November 2013, when Cloud -For-Europe program started in Berlin. Cloud for Europe is a research project funded by the EU with EUR 9.8 million, which brings together 23 partners from 11 countries. The purpose of this initiative is to provide a clear picture of the requirements of the public sector and usage scenarios for cloud computing.

Prof. Dr. Radu Popescu – Zeletin , Fraunhofer FOKUS director and host of the Cloud for Europe conference in Berlin, summarize the concrete needs of the public company : “We need measures that enhance security when entering or leaving the cloud, when storing information and when changing the system, too.” One of the major topics discussed in Berlin focused on security issues and build confidence in the cloud, despite the spy scandal. Basically Cloud -for -Europe program aims to centralize security policies at Community level, without trying to impose new central authority. “We do not want a new centralised European super infrastructure. Our role is rather to federate and enhance national, regional and local initiatives,” said Neelie Kroes , European Commission Vice-President in his speech opening the conference Berlin. We need trust if we want to build an open cloud market that does not stop at regional or national borders.”

Another major event related to the concerns of the European Future Internet Assembly  conference cloud is (FIA), which will host Athens in March 2014, the time coinciding with the Greek Presidency of the European Union. FIA 2014 will focus on reshaping the Internet infrastructure and implement the latest technological innovation and integration between traditional and cloud networks , network virtualization trends , software and services for networks, applications and social media , environmental issues and assimilation of open platforms .

Turning to concerns about Cloud in the public sector some major trends is expected for 2014. Many of the local and central government organizations in the UK will have to adhere to the April 2014 national program “Public Service Network Code of Compliance”  which establishes clear procedures to align the rules GPG13 information security and event management facilities ( SIEM ) for public cloud infrastructures .

Beyond the concerns of the British government to develop PSN already noted a trend towards cloud opening of local authorities who require a continuous exchange of information with the central structures, due to a general increase in confidence in the effectiveness of cloud services.

While the British have almost everything perfect and aim to gradually align new programs in Italy the public acquisition process has only just started. CONSIP organization which oversees Government procurement, recently announced tender for cloud computing services offered by central and local administrations. At a total estimated investment of around 1.95 Billion Euro, the program implementing cloud services will bring Italian government savings over 3 Million by simple adoption of cloud model. Given the fact that public investment in IT exceeds the annual average 5.2B Euro, we can say that the simple migration to the cloud will reduce investment at about 390 Million Euro per year, which is by no means negligible.

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IDC Romania  is announcing the 3rd edition of Cloud Computing Roadshow 2013, organized in September 26, at Bucharest Intercontinental Hotel.

After several years of investments in the development of the cloud by service providers, the cloud has moved beyond the hype in CEE and has become a viable option for enhancing business agility, efficiency and driving innovation in enterprise IT. Perception around the advantages and risks of the cloud are also shifting.

Key topics to be discussed during IDC Cloud Computing Roadshow will be: IDC Cloud Conf

  • Beyond the Hype: The Big Picture of Cloud Computing
  • The cloud as the foundation of the next generation IT
  • Measuring ROI: Cloud Computing, Efficiency, and Sustainability
  • What would suite you best? – The Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Models
  • Cloud Compliance Challenges and Solutions
  • Cloud Security Concerns: Vendor Solutions and Customer Experience
  • Private cloud: the life after virtualization
  • Infrastructure Trends in the Cloud
  • Cloud-Based Applications
  • Is cloud diminishing or transforming the role of the CIO?
  • How to get the green-light for cloud form the business decision makers?

For more info about the conference click HERE.


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EuroCloud Romania announced the winners of EuroCloud Awards 2013. The main purpose of competition was better promotion of local innovative solutions in cloud computing area, consolidating a real competitive Romanian cloud providers market. This is the first time the winners of local contest will participate as nominees in international EuroCloud Awards, with officialy announcement during European EuroCloud Congress.


Romanian edition of EuroCloud Awards 2013 established four contest criteria: Best cloud offer for Iaas, Saas, Paas solutions, Best Cloud Start-up, Best Private Cloud project, and Best Public Cloud project. Function of each category, the jury analysed each project proposal from quality and professional criteria, market availability, main functionalities, capabilities, connectivity issues, datacentre resources allocation, data security and confidentiality compliance, business benefits for client, competitive advantages offered, marketing & sales benefits, etc.

Here are the winners of Romanian edition of EuroCloud Awards 2013:congres2013

  • The Best IaaS Offer: GTS Telecom, for GTS Virtual Hosting Environment
  • The Best SaaS Offer: Ymens, for Ymens cloud platform.
  • The Best Cloud Start-up:  RenderStreet for his cloud rendering portal.
  • The Best Private Cloud Project: Ymens solutions implementation at Unior – Tepid
  • The Best Public Cloud Project: SIVECO Romania for ADLIC application dedicated to High Schools admission and management of National Exams. 

 More details about the winning solutions and projects could be found in EuroCloud Romania dedicated Web page.

 About ADLIC, the winner Best Public Cloud awarded Project you can read in deep in cloudmania previous posts: “SIVECO Romania Believe in Cloud Advantages” (English), and “SIVECO mizeaza pe tehnologia cloud” (Romanian).

 Read all details about the contest, winners, and appreciation criteria in official announcement from EuroCloud Romania.

Photo Source: EuroCloud Romania

SIVECO Romania Believe in Cloud Advantages

SIVECO Romania is one of top software companies which believe in Cloud Computing, trying to offer to users all advantaged provided by this platform: flexibility, easy deployment, instant access, and cutting costs.  SIVECO is one of the pioneers of Cloud technology adoption in Romania, managing one of the most important National projects in Public Cloud.

ADLIC is an application dedicated to High Schools admission and management of National Exams (, developed in partnership with Romanian Education Ministry and accessed by anyone is interested in exams results and admission status of his son, daughter, brother, sister or simple young from the neighbourhood. ADLIC portal utility was demonstrated by best practices, high-performances being improved step-by-step during the time. More than 200.000 young gymnasium graduates are booking every year the forms for High schools options. In the official registration announcement day the online traffic is growing to more 24 Million views. In order to provide better access in any demanding high traffic situation, in 2011 SIVECO migrated ADLIC registration publishing solution on the infrastructure offered by Microsoft Windows Azure platform, which is offering permanent availability, infinite processing power,  and professional security functions. Using technology performances offered by cloud platform, ADLIC system demonstrated his powerful to securely and transparency manage billion of access requests sent every year by more than 2.5 Million students.ADLIC SIVECO 2

Figure Title: No. of views on during National Exams admission; Source:, SIVECO Romania

But ADLIC is not the only cloud solution offered by SIVECO. Dedicated education portal eTraining is offered as Cloud services.  More than the easy access to information, the main benefit offered by cloud services is the budgeting flexibility, because the client is paying every month only for multimedia interactive training module accessed, without a minimum amount or a regular subscription fee.

Other ambitious project started by SIVECO is cloud migration of his Siveco Application 2020 ERP system. Considering technical and functional issues of enterprise applications and development trends from the next period, SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud  is integrating a large spectrum of applications with major effect for any organization business efficiency: accounting, financial, purchasing, contracts, production, stocks, sales, projects, payroll, transportation, logistics, recycling management, etc. SOVECO solution is remarkable for module management versatility and for his large performances in parameterisation and localization for every client needed model and considering business practices.

But flexibility is the main advantage of SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud integrated system. Users have access to a well-structured database, cumulating valuable information from whole business process. Data processing is made function of the daily workflows input and output information, anytime and in anyplace. SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud is easy to implement and any law change could be update very quickly. Cloud infrastructure is assuring very low maintenance costs of hardware and software platforms, and data security is compliant with any technical and international standards.


SIVECO Romania

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$100 Billion – is estimated value of worldwide spending on Public IT Cloud Services in 2016 – according IDC forecast from 2012cifra 2mai




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100 Miliarde US$ – este valoarea estimată a pieţei mondiale de servicii IT în Cloud Public în 2016, conform unei predicții IDC din 2012.


Source:ERP: Grappling with the Cloud, whitepaper Compare Business Products, 2012

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