SIVECO Romania Believe in Cloud Advantages

SIVECO Romania is one of top software companies which believe in Cloud Computing, trying to offer to users all advantaged provided by this platform: flexibility, easy deployment, instant access, and cutting costs.  SIVECO is one of the pioneers of Cloud technology adoption in Romania, managing one of the most important National projects in Public Cloud.

ADLIC is an application dedicated to High Schools admission and management of National Exams (, developed in partnership with Romanian Education Ministry and accessed by anyone is interested in exams results and admission status of his son, daughter, brother, sister or simple young from the neighbourhood. ADLIC portal utility was demonstrated by best practices, high-performances being improved step-by-step during the time. More than 200.000 young gymnasium graduates are booking every year the forms for High schools options. In the official registration announcement day the online traffic is growing to more 24 Million views. In order to provide better access in any demanding high traffic situation, in 2011 SIVECO migrated ADLIC registration publishing solution on the infrastructure offered by Microsoft Windows Azure platform, which is offering permanent availability, infinite processing power,  and professional security functions. Using technology performances offered by cloud platform, ADLIC system demonstrated his powerful to securely and transparency manage billion of access requests sent every year by more than 2.5 Million students.ADLIC SIVECO 2

Figure Title: No. of views on during National Exams admission; Source:, SIVECO Romania

But ADLIC is not the only cloud solution offered by SIVECO. Dedicated education portal eTraining is offered as Cloud services.  More than the easy access to information, the main benefit offered by cloud services is the budgeting flexibility, because the client is paying every month only for multimedia interactive training module accessed, without a minimum amount or a regular subscription fee.

Other ambitious project started by SIVECO is cloud migration of his Siveco Application 2020 ERP system. Considering technical and functional issues of enterprise applications and development trends from the next period, SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud  is integrating a large spectrum of applications with major effect for any organization business efficiency: accounting, financial, purchasing, contracts, production, stocks, sales, projects, payroll, transportation, logistics, recycling management, etc. SOVECO solution is remarkable for module management versatility and for his large performances in parameterisation and localization for every client needed model and considering business practices.

But flexibility is the main advantage of SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud integrated system. Users have access to a well-structured database, cumulating valuable information from whole business process. Data processing is made function of the daily workflows input and output information, anytime and in anyplace. SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud is easy to implement and any law change could be update very quickly. Cloud infrastructure is assuring very low maintenance costs of hardware and software platforms, and data security is compliant with any technical and international standards.


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