Here is a new eBook from Autodesk which shows his continuous commitment to improve the cloud experience of his communities. This guide is a continuation of the cloud tutorials series started with “Take to the Cloud” eBook, a real blueprint about what Cloud it is, how to take to the Cloud, and how Cloud could change the business processes. 
adsk eBookThe new eBook “Move them to the cloud” is representing a major big step forward, showing to Autodesk communities the main advantages of cloud based services related to primary communication and collaboration benefit.

Reading this new eBook, any Autodesk solution user, even if is convinced on not about the Cloud advantages, could find the best messages and most efficient strategies to collaborate with colleagues, clients, senior management, and partners working in the Cloud.

In any collaborative process, the main target in establishing of new processes and workflows are the members of working teams, even if they are located in the same office, on different levels, in different buildings or campuses, different cities or anywhere on the Planet. The better approach to start a step-by-step cloud adoption inside working and collaboration teams is to focus specifically on most important challenges which is affecting the productivity, like conferencing calls, travelling, or any communication dysfunction.

The business partners are other important part of the new cloud collaboration models. They may be subcontractors or vendors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters or design collaborators. Being part of the same working communities, any new tool or innovative solution should be implemented for individual efficiency but for general purpose.

Having a large adoption inside, the next step is to convince the clients about many business benefits offered by Cloud, in direct relationship with their contractors, but also with their own clients as well. The process to win trust and grow clients interest for cloud is not easy and should be incremental. Companies from manufacturing, construction and other industries need productivity and a continue scalability of human and computer power.

You can find more info and a lot of interesting advices about how you could share cloud services with your teams, partners and clients in the new eBook from Autodesk, “Move them to the cloud”.

 Source: Autodesk


 Photo Source: Autodesk.


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