Hybrid Cloud for Dummies, NetApp Special Edition

Here is cloud☁mania’s March recommendation in Book of the Month category. Edited by NetApp “Hybrid Cloud for Dummies” is a reference book for anyone interested in basic info about building Cloud models and data migration.

netapp_hybrid_cloud_dummiesIT staff need properly technologies and tools to transform in reality company strategy for Cloud development. This book could learn how to fight against inhibitors in Cloud adoption, how to address challenges, and which are the main suggested steps in data Cloud migration.

Name of the Book:  “Hybrid Cloud for Dummies”, NetApp Special Edition

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, 2014

Author: Lawrence C. Miller, CISSP

Short description: The book is structured on four chapters that describe the main data challenges associated to a Hybrid Cloud model and recommend some solutions to address challenges. The book shows how to manage data across different cloud models:

  • How to transform an organization
  • How to control data across any Cloud model
  • How to select the place of data storage

Lawrence Miller has more than 15 year in IT security and data management, writing 50 books from Dummies series, including CISSP for Dummies.

More info and How to Download

Image source:  The Register





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