The 5th edition of Cloud Computing Catalog Romania dedicated to digital industry revolution is here!

Why is so important this last wave of the industrial revolution? On a historical scale, each technological revolution has produced economic shifts, generating progress. But the digital revolution is inducing be the most disturbing effect on an industrial scale since the apparition of the steam engine.
Catalog Digital IndustryWhy are so dramatically affected the traditional industrial processes? Because many of the industrial systems and processes have stalled. No more help for us to produce better things, faster and more efficiently. We can’t be competitive because we don’t know how to valorise the new digital vein.

Why a Catalog about Digital Industry now? Because we know it is the time. Even if we are not ready, we must learn to use the facilities of the formidable technology to be more efficient and smarter. To make our lives better. As inhabitants of a digital planet.

Why are technology innovations so important in this Catalog? You should appreciate this on your own, reading the 30 short stories about Industry 4.0 and the 3rd Platform, about the EU Single Digital Market, about Industrial IoT, about Industry Cloud and Cloud 2.0, about dialogue between machines, about industrial robots and automation, and about augmented reality as a primer in learning new digital skills. And finally, but not last, about the new threats occurring when everything is connected.

How do we handle this amalgam of new technologies, terms, and concepts that revolve all around us, but we don’t understand what’s about? Slowly but surely. After all, nothing is too complicated. Innovation and technology have always existed and when we needed them, we put them to work. To work on our behalf. Everything is transforming, but we are coordinating the transformation.

We have to show our gratitude to our partners: CLASS IT, DATANET SYSTEMS, EMC² ROMANIA, EUROCLOUD ROMANIA, IBM ROMANIA, QALITANCE, SAP, SIMSCALE, SIVECO ROMANIA and SMART ID, who understood the moment opportunity providing high value information about solutions, platforms and projects that help streamline production activities in all industries. And who give us all the tools and reliable resources we need to go through this digital way.

Like other four editions of Catalog Cloud Computing Romania, this editorial project is the result of very well collaboration between Agora Group – the most important IT & business publishing & events group on the Romanian market, and cloud☁mania – one of the most appreciated independent knowledge platform for Cloud and business transformation in Central East Europe.

READ HERE the Catalog Cloud Computing Romania, 5th edition, Digital Industry


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