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Let’s finishing the review series of the winners in the EuroCloud Award Romania 2016 contest with the solution provided by the champion in the Startup category.

GR8PI is a people intelligence platform helping organisations, institutions and individuals to take optimum decisions based on full people potential. The solution is a valuable human potential tool enabling the optimum selection of the desired people who effectively fit the job requests and the organisation culture, providing a professional assessment of employees’ engagement level, establishing the key drivers, and validating the talent pool development.

GR8PI solutions allow the filtering out of non-suitable candidates, matching people with jobs based on their inherent capacity, understanding the strengths of the newly hired employees. A platform is a professional tool for key resources development areas, facilitating the fast onboarding, integration and performance, identifying best performance drivers and talent development opportunities in any organisation workforce.

GR8PI platform has an impact on several areas, far exceeding the scope of recruitment – and the market in Romania and Europe. Globally, the demand for qualified personnel with a high level of professional competence, become bigger, exceeding the offers. It is a real and an acute need to attract and retain the right people, compatible with the job, company-specific organisational culture and values. Recruitment will always remain the most important element, but the ability to develop and retain the existing workforce is also crucial, given the fact that qualified resource becomes increasingly rare.


Doru Dima, CEO Romania Great People Inside

“GR8PI Platform provides organisations with the opportunity to manage the complete life cycle of each employee in the company, ensuring optimal outcomes for both employee and employer. Productivity, the level of engagement, wellbeing and retention of employees will increase considerably. Also, using Great People Inside evaluations and reports can make a diagnosis of the functioning of a team, providing a clear perspective on the dynamics, development areas and common values of the team, while providing suggestions for development and strategies to help leader and the team to reach their full potential,” says Doru Dima, CEO Romania for Great People Inside. “GR8PI platform and has already proven its value. In the last year, Great People Inside evolved from a start-up local cloud-based developed in Bucharest to an international company based in Singapore and representative offices in Europe, Asia and North America.”


The Great People Inside concept is developed by an International consortium of assessment and recruitment experts holding decades of collective experience and know-how in this, and related areas like coaching, performance optimisation etc. They realised that the present and traditional way of attracting, assessing, selecting, developing and maintaining workforces on a global level, and more or less on all parameters, no longer meet the needs and requirements of modern companies and organisations.

gr8pi-platformThe GR8PI platform impacts much more than just the recruitment market and much more than just the Romanian and European markets! As the demand for qualified workforce becomes bigger and bigger in most regions, the need for attracting and maintaining the right people is rapidly growing. Recruitment will always be paramount, but the ability to develop and maintain the existing workforce is at least as important as qualified candidates become a rare resource.
The GR8PI service empowers companies and organisations to embrace and manage the complete life cycle of each and every employee, securing optimum results for both employee and employer. And from a business model perspective, the GR8PI service is almost revolutionary – it makes high-end HR tools and services available, and affordable to everyone while at the same time offering tool-level customisation in a scale never seen before.

Great People Inside considers GR8PI Cloud-based platform as the first truly customisable People Intelligence and assessment solution in the world, including assessments and Talent Management solutions, adapting to specific requirements of any company or organisation. According to the provider, with GR8PI platform, the client has the freedom to customise, brand or even create his own assessments and reports, which better fit organisation’s culture and competency vectors.

The platform is currently available in 15 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek,
Romanian, German and French, with expansion perspectives in over 30 countries.

cloud☁ mania wishes Good Luck to all Romanian contest winners participating in EuroCloud Award Europe 2016 final session!

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