Are you ready for Romanian IT&C Directory 2017?


Today you still can register for the 17th edition of Romanian IT&C Directory, a reflection of the local market realities and perspectives.

From 17 years Romanian IT&C Directory is the ambassador of the Romanian IT&C industry to CeBIT and other important international fairs. This Directory’s edition has as main topic Digital Transformation: Technology with NO Limits!

As is better-known CeBIT is the biggest IT industry of the year, becoming “Global Event for Digital Business”. From several decades digital technologies are playing a key role in boosting the efficiency of engineering and production processes. But digital transformation is revolutionizing now conventional business models, disrupting supply channel and generating new business models. Digitalization is changing the rules of the game. The digital economy carries the promise of unlimited opportunities. This is the reason the main logo of CeBIT 2017 is “d!conomy – no limits”.

banner-rid-300x250px-01-01Digital economy is here, is happening now, and is part of a deep transformation of everything. Actual edition of the Directory is focusing on these realities, focusing on few main subjects like:

  • Overview of Romanian IT&C market: interest poles, main innovation and economic trends
  • Which is the point of view of the local market actors?
  • 5 sections and trends: Cloud, Data Security, Big Data, Communications & Transportation, and Mobility;
  • Exhaustive catalogue of IT&C Romanian companies;
  • Legal, regulations, and other useful info related to local market.

For more details and Directory Registration just follow the link:

Or call me to put in contact with the Romanian IT&C Directory 2017 editors.

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