logo_it_trends“If Steve didn’t exist, we have to invent one…” There were some sentences from an article I wrote in August 2011 after Steve’s resignation and published in September 2011 in IT Trends Magazine 

Steve Jobs 1

“I like to think at Steve Jobs not like to billionaire founder of empires, leaving Apple in the top IT giants, but I like to see illusionist who each began the year at the MacWorld Expo made a real show from each launch of new Apple’s products… 

Apple is the company that has always rushed. Apple is the American spirit. In the beginning of each year, the first shows to make Apple releases related.

For me Steve Jobs is first of all the Magician. It’s the man who comes every January in jeans and black turtleneck and entrances with his smile out of wizard hat latest technological jewels, the most expected gadgets.”

 Now, Steve is gone and we remain with the gadgets, which are part of our lives. Now, is time to stop crying after Steve and to start live like Jobs. 

This was in 2011. It is good, from time to time, to Remember IT…

Original article ” The Chance to be contemporary with history” was published in IT Trends Magazine from September 2011.


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