What? When? Where? Most Important Event Calendar

Here are some of the most important Events & Expo coming until the end of 2013.

Any new important announcement will be included in Cloud Event Calendar

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When:  18-19 September

Where: London, UK

Official Page

UK FlagWhat: Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Congress 2013

When: 25-26 September 2013

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Official Page

USA FlagWhat: Cloud Business Summit 2013

When:  25 September 2013

Where: New York City, NY, USA

Official Page

Luxembourg flagWhat: EuroCloud Congress 2013

When: 15-16 October 2013

Where: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Official Page 

UK FlagWhat: CloudOpen Europe

When:  21-23 October

Where: Edinburgh  International Conference Center, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Official Page

UK FlagWhat: AppsWorld 2013

When: 22-23 October 2013

Where: Earls Court, London, UK

Offcial Page

USA FlagWhat: 13th International Cloud Expo

When:  4-7 November

Where: Santa Clara Convention Centrer, Santa Clara, CA, USA

Official Page

Spanish FlagWhat: Alfresco Summit 2013

When:  4 – 7 November

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Official Page

Germany FlagWhat: W-JAX13

When:  4 – 8 November

Where: Munich, Germany

Official Page

french flagWhat: LDAPCon 2013

When:  18 – 19 November

Where: Salle du Mas, Paris, France

Official Page

USA FlagWhat: dreamforce 2013

When: 18-21 November 2013

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA

Official Page

UK FlagWhat: 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science

When:  2-5 December

Where: Bristol, UK

Official Page

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