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$3.2billion is the estimated videoconferencing systems market in 2013, according to recent Frost & Sullivan research. For 2016 the forecast is almost Panorama_MultiDevices_webdouble, to $6.3 billion, representing the increasing demand to use video for all aspects of enterprise communications.

Vidyo overtakes top incumbent legacy players in the video conferencing market and is awarded by Frost & Sullivan as the 2013 Technology Leader. After a comprehensive evaluation process, Vidyo was selected as the winner among the top three vendors in the global video conferencing market.  

More about Vidyo solutions and products in the next articles.

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3,2 miliarde US$ este valoarea estimata a pietei mondiale de solutii de videoconferinte in 2013, conform unui recent studiu Frost & Sullivan. Pentru anul 2016 se estimeaza o valoare aproape dubla a pietei, care va ajunge la 6,3 miliarde US$, pe fondul unei cresteri constante a cererii pentru folosirea transmisiilor sau inregistrarilor video in comunicatiile enterprise.

Dupa un laborios proces de evaluare, Frost & Sullivan recunoaste pozitia de lider tehnologic  al producatorului Vidyo, care ii surclaseaza pe cativa dintre furnizorii traditionali de solutii de videoconferinte.

Mai multe despre solutiile si produsele Vidyo in postarile viitoare.

Source: InfoSound Connect

Photo Source: vidyo.com

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