First IoT Catalog in Romania

AGORA Group and cloud☁mania started the new 2016 year with The 4th edition of Cloud Computing Catalog dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This is practically the first Romanian IoT dedicated publishing project released in print and online media.

CCC4 CoverAccording IDC, year-to-year growing of IoT market in CEMA region is expected to expand with 22% in 2015, reaching $14 billion in total value. More than 60% from this forecast value is estimated for CE Europe. The IoT Cloud Computing Catalog is offering most relevant information about the opportunity to choose, selecting criteria, and information about the technologies and services related to Internet of Things, with horizontal development perspectives and vertical applicability in healthcare, financial & insurance, automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, smart cities, smart homes, retail, and smart grid infrastructure.

General development of IoT regional market is driven by industrial expenses growing in automated public transit, connected vehicles, digital signage, asset management smart grid, and smart appliances coming from some key vertical industries like manufacturing, transportation, utilities, healthcare, retail and consumer.

Considering the valuable solutions and services diversity available on the Romanian market, the IoT Catalog is containing a large variety of IoT solutions and cloud services offered by international or local providers.

In alphabetical order we have descriptions and offering solutions from: BITSoftware – Socrate Cloud Distribution Solution, Fujitsu – MetaArc digital future modelling, IBM – solutions portfolio for IoT implementation in business, Microsoft Romania – dedicated IoT solutions with particular examples from Energy, Smart Public Services, Retail, and Manufacturing, Qualitance – Modern software development, SIVECO Romania – Cloud Services diversity and Waste Management Cloud solution , StarStorage – Star Vault Cloud Server, Telekom Romania – Smart City and M2M solutions, Ymens – whole SaaS portfolio,  and Zitec – complete Cloud services offer.

The IoT dedicated Cloud Computing Catalog is offering also a comprehensive guide with valuable information about:

  • Internet of Things historyCCC IoT p1
  • Market figures
  • Technology and Market Trends
  • Short IoT Dictionay
  • IoT Benefits
  • Real problems solved by IoT
  • EU IoT Reglations
  • IoT Providers Analyse
  • IoE and M2M Concepts and Benefits
  • Basics in IoT Systems Implementation
  • General Architecture of IoT Platforms
  • All abut Sensors
  • WiFi Technologies compatible with IoT
  • SCADA vs IoT
  • Fog Computing Concepts
  • Analytic Power of Fog Computing Solutions
  • Main Applicability Areas for IoT Systems
  • M2M Systems and Smart Cities
  • IoT in Healthcare
  • IoT in Automotive
  • Sherlock IoT Project
  • Data Flow in a IoT System
  • Top IoT Cities (after IoT Analytics)
  • Top 10 Books about IoT (after

Considering huge opportunities related to IoT/ IoE/ M2M industries and dynamic market development we intend to dedicate special Catalogs to most interesting verticals like: Smart Cities, Digital Manufacturing, Digital HealthCare, and more. This year Two other Catalogs are in work process.

We are open for any proposal coming from IoT providers or business partners. Just contact us @ Let’s Talk about Cloud.


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